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Real books for American History ...


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Here's my DD's preliminary reading list for this year doing Am Hist. Also check out Sonlight's Core 3, Core 4 and Core 100 reading lists.


Pedro's Journal

Roger Williams

Madeleine Takes Command

Carry On, Mr Bowditch

Amos Fortune

Calico Bush

Johnny Tremain

Just Jane

The Madisons

If you Were There When they signed the Constitution...

The Bill of Rights: How We Got It

Broken Blade

Streams to the River, River to the Sea

Moccasin Trail

The Birchbark House

Lantern in Her Hand

Red Badge of Courage

Turn Homeward, Hannalee

Dragon's Gate

Thunder Rolling in the Mountains

Broken Song

Coal Miner's Bride

All-of-a-kind Family

President's Daughter & Bully for You TR

Cheaper By the Dozen

The Lion in the Box

After the Dancing Days

Operation Clean Sweep, Lizzie Stanton & Susan B Anthony

Roll of Thunder, Hear my Cry

A Letter to Mrs Roosevelt - L

Nothing to fear: FDR's inner circle

Miracles on Maple Hill

Summer of My German Soldier

The Trumans

Rosa Parls: My Story

Watson's Go To Birmingham


The Breadwinner

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We LOVE American history at our house. We've read so many good books. Maybe if you narrowed it down to a time period of American history or an event, I could make some suggestions. Off the top of my head, I would say to chose something from Sonlight's catalog--we've rarely been disappointed by their suggestions.

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Here's my younger DD's reading list - these are all pretty short, but many are still classics. BTW - after the Native American books, this list is mostly chronological.


Sign of the Beaver

Meet Kaya

Sing Down the Moon

Om Kas Toe

Black Star, Bright Dawn

Pedro's Journal


Roger Williams

Courage of Sarah Noble

Benjamin Franklin

Toliver's Secret


Justin Morgan Had A Horse

Meet Josephina

Riding Freedom

By the Great Spoon Horn

Grandma Moses

Caddie Woodlawn

In Grandma's Attic

Cezanne Pinto - worth finding

100 Dresses

Bully for You T. Roosevelt

The Lion in the Box

Earthquake: Story of Old San Francisco

A Letter to Mrs Roosevelt

Gone Away Lake

A Year Down Yonder

Sally Ride

I Have A Dream by MLK

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