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Does anyone use this? Do you like it? I joined, and the girls and I watched a few clips from "Unwrapped". Is there anyway to change/filter the ads that play before each episode? When I registered I answered the optional questions that determine ad content-but an ad for a PG13 movie came through anyway.



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I stopped paying the cable bill, and signed up for Hulu instead. I really like it, but I can't let my kids watch it for the very reason you just described.


The other day I sat through 5 condom ads. I thought they were supposed to talior the ads if you clicked like or dislike on the side, but that didn't seem to work.


My dh put the kids in front of Secrets of NIMH on Hulu, and they didn't have those same ads. Not sure if they got lucky or what.


I was thinking about sending them an email to find out if it could be more child friendly filter that could be put on.

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I'm registered... but am so lazy... I watch Hulu without logging in. :D


I've noticed when I do watch (i.e. Monk, Real Housewives, FastForward, etc.) I'll get a lot of ads from car companies, over the counter meds, or no commercials and a long intro from a sponsor like GMC. I have no idea if they think I'm a guy -- but so far, no condom or weirdo inappropriate ads.


I watch Hulu weekly -- catch up on my shows like the Office or Community. I love it! HTH

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I haven't noticed any adults-only commercials. I'm not generally logged in when I watch shows on Hulu, so perhaps that makes a difference? You could just refresh your browser at the beginning of a show until it gives you an advertiser you don't mind.

Nor have I, but I've never bothered to create an account, so they have no idea I'm an adult.

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I don't ever bother to log in. I have never had any commercials that I find offensive. I have registered and I subscribe to the shows I like, so I can get an e-mail when the new episode is available. I think they only show the condom type ads if you are logged in as an adult.


We dropped our cable bill when dh's took a 60% paycut. We have had Netflix for so long that we have a very inexpensive package that is no longer available. Between Netflix, Hulu.com, and fancast.com we haven't missed anything.


Amber in SJ

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