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ethical issue--wwyd?

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If someone close to you (a family member) was convicted of a serious crime (nothing that injured another person though) that would result in serious jail time, and their girlfriend was involved in the planning of the crime (it may have even been her idea), but was never charged, would you turn her in? What if she has two teenage children? I would assume she wouldn't do this crime again, but even if she did, like I said, the crime didn't injure anyone in any way.


It's the "she has kids" part that is giving me pause here. If she had no kids, I would turn her in immediately. :glare:

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It would depend on if I had actual proof or not. If it was just sort of "common knowledge" within the family but without any proof, then no. If there was proof, then yes, I would.


Define "proof." Could I prove it? No. Is it heresay? No. We all like her, actually. I don't think anyone knows. But no way to prove it.

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If it is something you would turn her in for otherwise, I would do it. The judge can make the determination during sentencing (provided that's how it would work in that case) if her children should be a mitigating factor. I just don't think motherhood should be an escape from justice.


If it isn't something you would turn her in for either way, then I say go on your way with a clear conscience. (Others will disagree.)


I'm trying to come up with a victimless crime though, and I'm not having a lot of luck... Even financial/fraud crimes hurt others.

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Often crime does hurt other people although it may be indirectly. If the police asked me I would tell them. But if the police didn't ask, then I would probably won't call up and tell them. They may have considered her but didn't have enough evidence. Even if you told them, they still may not be able to get the evidence to get a conviction. But if I thought it was something that was harmful to others (like drug production) or to her kids (bringing criminals around her kids), then I might call and talk to someone.


It is really difficult to know what to do until faced with it.

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