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So, if they have a once a week Spanish class how. . .

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should I support them the rest of the week in terms of Spanish. So many people say that the kids need full immersion -- or a healthy dose of immersion -- to catch on.


But I'm fresh out of Spanish immersion ability. I can provide a once a week class with a fabulous teacher.


Any suggestions for adding to the teachers time with them?





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There is always someone else to ask your question. :D I have the exact same plan as you (although I haven't actually, you know, started...), so I have done a little research. So far, I've only really come up with a few Spanish immersion DVDs, but maybe it's better than nothing? You'll have to decide if the DVDs are age-appropriate for your kids, of course.


-Puertas Abiertas (curriculum)


-Let’s Play in Spanish! (DVDs, CDs) http://www.letsplayinspanish.com

-Play and Learn Spanish (CD)

-Spanish for Beginners DVDs (25 minute videos) http://www.whistlefritz.com


Good luck!

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We use videos and songs - Magic School Bus dvds can be played in Spanish, as can many other "regular" English shows. It actually helps if they're already familiar with the show in English - it helps them figure out what's being said in Spanish.


We also like José Luis Orozco cds.

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I think an exposure to Spanish is good. But I honestly think the only way you can become truly fluent is to spend time living in a spanish speaking country.


I took Spanish from 8th grade through 2 years of college.


It was not until I visited Argentina that I was forced to use it 99% of the time (most people speak/prefer to speak Spanish) and in Uruguay I never did find anyone who spoke anything but Spanish.

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