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AARGGHHH! Ever have one of those days?

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I have been working on a document that I need to finish by today and print 250 copies. We inherited an wonderful old color laserjet that actually works, so I figure I am good. Well, said printer does not work with my laptop and I don't have time to figure out why. So I emailed the document to my son and printed it from the desktop. After about 100 copies, I the latest edits weren't reflected in the printout (inconsistent punctuation on my bullet points.) AARGGHH !


So, I fixed the document, emailed it again, brought it up on desktop and printed another 100 copies. Still missing my edits. AARRGGHHH. I just can't bear to waste the paper so I guess I will be manually adding periods on my bullet points on 200 of my copies.


Back to your regularly scheduled programming.

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ARRRGHHHHH is right!!!! (If I knew how to make it red, I would!) I had this happen to me just a bit ago. I emailed a registration booklet for an event I'm running in November to dh. He was to copy it and get it out to our mail person that day. Well, it sent an OLD COPY!!!!!! I don't know how the heck I messed that up!? Ugh. Ours was an old copy with old pictures and the print had nothing to do with it. UGH!!! AGAIN!!! It all went out like that. Nothing I could do about it.


I feel your pain!!!!!

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Oh, Jennifer! Don't you wonder if there are ghosts in the machine playing with us?


My kids helped me add in the punctuation (we made up a little ditty to sing to make sure we got them all.) I got everything together to bring to the event organizer, with whom I had arranged to bring these to her. I called several times and got voicemail. So, I just bit the bullet and drove to the address she gave me (on a very dark and rainy night and made several wrong turns because nothing looked like it usually does.) Doorbell doesn't work and no one is answering the door. Finally a man answers, looking like he got out of bed (he did. I guess he takes a very early train.) Fortunately, it was the right house, but his wife was not there - she was staying overnight someplace else. She did pick up the phone for her husband and I talked with her and got it all worked out. It is done. If there are more errors, I will simply complement them on their excellent proofreading skills:).

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