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Lists of things to memorize


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I asked this question once before and I'm afraid I didn't make as much sense as I thought I was making. I'm looking for lists of things that you have your grammar age children memorize. For example, last year we sang the "50 Nifty United States" song every day. Even my 3 year old memorized the states (mostly)!! The WTM mentions that Susan memorized the list of helping verbs before she knew what helping verbs were. I'm looking for things like that. Any suggestions?

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The book Living Memory is devoted to things we should memorize. I own and it and really like it. We use it for copywork for now as ds is just memorizing poems right now. However, we may use it in the future to memorize continents, oceans, science rules, grammar rules, etc. etc.

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There are suggestions for history memorization in WTM. Here are things I have done over the years....


Geography songs

Poetry (We use Andrew Pudewa's)

Shurley grammar chants

Science Jukebox songs (that go along with what we are studying in science)

History suggestions from WTM (I will sometimes make up a song or a chant)

Bible verses


There are some great lists in Living Memory. It would be a good resource for you.

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Helping verbs, being verbs, a list of the most common prepositions, state capitols, international capitols, the seven continents, the oceans of the world, list of presidents (in order), anything on the periodic table really..... Any of the "laws" in science...an object in motion stays in motion.... gravity.... A list of the flights taken to outer space, the dates to match and which country they were from, Those are just a few to get you thinking. I don't know what ages, but can adapt anything to make it easier/harder for your target.

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Pick out some things in each subject that you'd like for your child to memorize. If you're interested in memory work, you may consider Classical Conversations. They have a program ALL laid out and your children would have the opportunity to memorize LOTS of informaiton alongside other children on a weekly basis. Maybe there's a program near you. Go to www.Classicalconversations.com for more informaiton.


If you'd like to memorize on your own at home here are some ideas:


Bible: Ten commandments, favorite verses, etc.


History: Veritas Press History Cards are easy to memorize! We memorize all 108 every year. This gives the kids a wonderful timeline of events from Creation to current day. My boys also like associating the pictures with the cards.


Math: Skip counting


Grammer: Memorize the definitions to the parts of speech


I'm not sure if this helps you or not. Best wishes!

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My grammar stage kids memorized pieces like:

-parts of speech definitions

-lists of being verbs, helper verbs, and prepositions (If you use FLL 1/2 these and parts of speech will be learned easily)

-poetry, gobs of it

-nursery rhymes for the younger set

-days of the week

-months of the year

-speeches and quotes from history

-lists of presidents, pharoahs, dynasties, etc.

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