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  1. I just looked at Derek Owens! It might be an option. Thank you for mentioning it!
  2. I'm looking for a self paced math class for my 8th grader this summer. He will be headed into prealgebra. I came across giftedandtalented.com but have not been able to find reviews. I do not want to do a CD based program like TT and it must include some video/visual explanation (teaching) of the material. My son hates reading. Thoughts?
  3. Great suggestions so far- thank you. I'm thinking of just bringing math in hard copy. Hunter- I was raised Christian but our homeschooling is secular.
  4. We are leaving the US. And we are in fact traveling w/o an RV or home base do to speak. Right now we have iPads that are old and slow. We will be upgrading to new devices and wondering which ones to get. My guess is that we will have some e-readers and at least 1 iPad. I'm not familiar with nook/kindle/3G paper white/e-readers. What's the best and why? I didn't think about not being able to download certain things out of the country, so that was a great point. Does anyone know why downloading doesn't always work internationally? I may store a bunch of stuff in Dropbox and then pull as needed if possible. I plan to have the 8th grader read period/location themed material. Both kids will be journaling and writing summaries regularly so writing will be covered.
  5. My family will be taking a year off to travel starting this summer. I hs'ed in the past, and they are in school now, but I will be hsing again while we travel of course. We are traveling light with 1 carry-on sized bag each, and 2 backpack/day packs for the whole family of 5. My kids will be in 2nd and 8th, the youngest is only 3. Here's my questions. We are looking for PDFs and offline options for some things in case internet is unreliable or we are on a long flight/train.... But know that having an online options would be great too. Reading 2nd grader Explode the code Headsprout Raz-Kids or Raz-Kids plus Math-2nd grader Scan in MUS pages and save to a PDF to use notable? Or scan in Beast Academy to PDFs Math Mammoth light blue Reading 8th grader Audible Kindle book app OverDrive Math MUS ? Scan in the worksheets Something else?! Both kids will be doing writing with me so I'm not concerned. Anyone have experience with any of these or ideas on others?
  6. Our family will be doing some extensive traveling next year. I am looking for a math option that is online/web based/app based for a 2nd and 8th grader. Some weeks we will have more time than other weeks so a live online class wouldn't likely fit as our accessibility will vary. Thoughts?
  7. I tried to search for a Spanish resource list but couldn't find one. I know plenty of books are available via Amazon, but what are some other resources everyone is using? Math in spanish- aside from MEP, MM and MIF..... Any science curric actually IN spanish? Spanish phonics? Beginning readers? Any great student centered newspapers in Spanish? Muzzy, Little Pim..... What about other cartoons/tv shows (other than Dora) all in Spanish?
  8. I know MEP is free but I would also be interested to hear in anyone has used Math in Focus in Spanish....
  9. What are some good math programs in spanish? This would be for a kindergartener. I speak quite a bit of spanish and would like to start teaching my son it using a spanish only curric. If anyone has any thoughts on easy spanish workbooks that would also be helpful. Thanks!
  10. Ok....so new plan maybe...now I'm wondering what would be a good program to do from April-August to get his ready for AoPS PreA. What would be a good sequence? Horizons 6?
  11. Ok, so I homeschooled a few years, then went to ps for a few years and, well, here we are! Currently ds is in 5th in ps, doing regular 5th grade math and not being challenged at all. His teacher agrees. So....I purchases TeachingTextbooks 6 (to afterschool math) and he's almost done. We didn't start until almost November and it was a ton of review for him. Most of it was quite easy. Since he's a pretty math-y kid I'd like to switch to a most robust program for 6th/7th/8th on up. A few years ago, everyone was loving Saxon for the middle/upper grades, but I'm reading a lot about AoPS. So....what are some common 6grade on up advanced/accelerated math sequences? Saxon? AoPS? Chalkdust or another computer program? Bonus points if there's an online/DVD teaching option....
  12. Can anyone compare/contrast Saxon vs Horizons?
  13. IATeachingMom


    I'm looking to start a K math program for my LO. I don't thing Singapore is a good fit. It was for my oldest so I feel like I'm starting over. Saxon? Horizons? Something very straight forward, I-2 pages/worksheets....thoughts?
  14. I didn't even think to look for any of those! Thanks!
  15. I'm looking for a spanish curriculum for my prek and k LOs. I actually studied spanish so it does not need to be hands off for the parent part at all (unlike most situations), I'm actually looking for the structure/lesson plans and resources/books for the most part. I need so etching to keep me on track from when they get frustrated "when I talk like that"....I switch back to English pretty quick! I'm thinking a curric would keep me more accountable. I hope. I've heard of: Little Pim La Clase Divertida Salsa Spanish Others?! Anyone have experience with any of these? Just checking spanish kids books out from the library is not getting us far. Thoughts?
  16. Good to know! Does anyone know how a smooth a transition to Saxon would go? If TT is easy, and we move to Saxon will we be playing catch up?
  17. I have a 5th grader doing TT math 6, but he's flying through it. It doesn't seem very challenging at all?! I have no problem with him going on the TT 7 but I'm concerned that the material isn't "deep" enough. That TT is too light so to speak. What would be a better, more challenging curriculum? I'd really like something that isn't teacher heavy but...I can be persuaded. One of the major draws of TT was how independent it is. I actually really like math- up until about advanced geom or trig... blech.... but finding the time has been tricky with 4 kids. However, he's good at math and likes it, so, should I just make the time and find a more teacher intensive curric or is there something out there similar to TT but a bit more encompassing. I've heard good things about Saxon....would that be a better route? FWIW, we did Singapore math until 3a....then tried public school (waste of time).
  18. So....we hs for a few years, then off to PS in 3rd. Things are not going well. We've just finished up testing and received a dyslexia, dysgraphia and adhd diagnosis. I think we'll be dual enrolling and I will hs reading/LA. DS11 in 5th grade reads at a 3rd grade level. I've read that an Orton-Gillingham method is the most effective way to teach reading/phonics. What are some curriculum choices you all have used? What works? What doesn't? We tried All About Spelling and he didn't like it. I can give it another whirl but wanted to see what else was out there?
  19. I'll definitely check them out and see what I can glean.... Thank you.
  20. It's a stretch but I'm looking for any lesson plans or curriculum that incorporates rap, rock, heavy metal (I have all boys.....) hip hop....anything. Free or something to buy. Blog posts.....anything. Super desperate here. I'll sift through content for appropriateness based on language and content at my digression. I'll be cross posting this as well. I thought if there was one place that might have any sources on this, it would be here! Thoughts anyone?! Please help!!
  21. It's a stretch but I'm looking for any lesson plans or curriculum that incorporates rap, rock, heavy metal (I have all boys.....) hip hop....anything. I'll sift through content for appropriateness based on language and content at my digression. I'll be cross posting this as well. I thought if there was one place that might have any sources on this, it would be here! Thoughts anyone?! Please help!!
  22. Sounds about right.... I refer to him as "my son" also, however he does live with us full time.... I have other friends that do the same as your friend. I think it wears on the kids to hear step child this or that all the time. It just reminds them how different from "the real kid" that they are, I commend your friend for being so loving and inclusive..... it's not always easy.
  23. I just posted about trying to find a secular equivalent to Apologia's Astronomy for my ds 3gr but the more I look at it the more fun it looks, there's projects, things to do, excellent information. My son loves science and last year was a bit light for him, I think he'd love something in depth. Does anyone use it and love it or is it more it's cracked up to be?
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