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Question for FLL3 users: Big Handwriting Lines?


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Hi all:


We loved FLL 1/2 here, and are enjoying WWE 1 & 2, although I'm unhappy about how big the handwriting lines are for WWE2. I'm thinking about ordering FLL3 and want to be prepared -- are the handwriting lines bigger than what a typical third grader uses? Are they as big as the WWE2 lines?


Any help would be greatly appreciated!



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I own it and my DD will be using it this year.

The lines are 3/8", which I believe is just right. There is not too much for lines in the workbook a few line every 7 pages or so...most are for optional dictation exercises....as for the rest of the workbook it is mostly diagramming and some fill in the blank.....I also believe the lines are just correct, especially for cursive!



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The lines in FLL3 are so much better than WWE 1 or 2. At the back of the FLL3 Student Workbook are some blank sheets with just lines on them. I'm using it to make copies and then I'm using it with WWE2 since the size is so much better for us.

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