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How I Run My Homeschool With Lots of Kids


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I was thinking about this simple idea the other day since over the years I have been asked time and time again "How do I homeschool and get most everything done with so many kids." Well, I was just asked this again at church and got to thinking that maybe it would be helpful if to someone if I shared. It's so simple it's almost scary.


At any give time in my 23 years of homeschooling adventure I have always had at least 5 kids of school age. (Well, obviously not in the very beginning but as the children grew) Here is the schedule.





Vocabulary from the literature choices

Literature-which covers ALL subjects depending on what subject we are doing at the time. Charlotte Mason

Copywork/Memorywork/Narration notebook

Penmanship-until about 12

Book Basket-Book of my choosing for more independent reading


My list looks like this every year. I just fill in the specific titles next to the subject. I have the above generic list laminated and hung on the fridge or put into a small notebook. After each subject is done it gets a check mark next to it each day. Using a dry erase marker. This way I can wipe off. At night before family prayer daddy checks everyone's list for completion. (It didn't take long for each subject to get checked off each day once I handed it over to dad!!) Long of the short...A simple daily schedule. Of course there have been times when I use excel to make some fancy schedules for them but the bottom line is... Have a to do list for each child for each day!!:001_smile:


If my children wake up and don't have that schedule to look at then all is lost. Because I admit there have been those times when they needed updated, changed, etc and I didn't have them ready and my children and house fell apart. I am totally saved with a simple list of school and chores per child. Without it, it's not pretty:lol:

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Since I don't have enough time to go through all the books they read in each particular subject and choose the words myself I have them do a Robinson Curriculum book about once or twice a month just so I can throw in some vocabulary. In this way, I have their vocab. curriculum all worked out for me.

I have the RC list and cd's and I just check them off as we read them. I used to use the McGuffey Speller for our vocabulary words but I got burned out trying to keep up with everyone. With so many kids I would have to find the definition myself (if I didn't already know it), check their work, basically design my own vocab curriculum. Then when the Robinson Curriculum came out I thought that was my ticket out!:001_smile: Puzzles, tests, words and definitions, etc. couldn't get any easier. Hope this helps


Oh, for our literature lists I just print out the titles and make a list for each child for the school year and they keep in their notebooks. I try to choose living books depending on the 'theme' for the year. For instance, last year we mainly focused on science so I took books from the RC list, Beautiful Feet science list, etc and those were our spine. This year it is American History and I am using book titles from various publishers. We focus on science for a few months, then history, then geography, then just literature classics for a few months then back to science, and so forth.

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