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I just registered for the LSAT

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Am I out of my mind to think I'm going to be able to get through law school while homeschooling and working part time? This is the first concrete step I've taken to continuing my education, and I'm kind of nervous.


DH is planning to go back to school, too, to get his bachelor's. We'll probably both start fall of 2010. DD will be in 2nd grade/7yo.


We're also thinking about TTC next year.


Yeah, I'm out of my mind.



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I was w/you until the TTC!


I went to law school when I turned 30. It was a lot easier than I expected. There was an ER surgeon in the class behind me who had a family and lived 2 hours away. He went home on weekends and worked in the ER. He graduated (I have no idea how well he did), but while your class ranking is fairly impt, some ppl find a way to work around it.


I think you'll be a lot more focused. However, having said that, I'm considering finishing a Ph.D. that I started b4 law school, but will wait til my kids are more independent. Hs'ing seems to consume me.



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Are you going to a part-time law school? I don't think it would be manageable with a full-time law school. At my alma mater, administration purposely had first years in the earliest and latest classes (and all in between) so that we were on campus from 9:00 Monday morning and couldn't leave on Fridays until 6:00.


Maybe law school with kids, maybe law school and part time work, maybe even law school and homeschooling. But all three? Wow. I did have a dear classmate that had 5 kids at the time. I was in awe of her time efficiency! Her dh was a teacher and very, very helpful. She did well, and even had a 6th child two weeks before the bar exam.


Best wishes,


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