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picture book with classically educated main character

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A few years ago I read a historical fiction picture book to the younger children in which the main character was classically educated. I don't recall the title or the plot. In any case, the 10 and 12 yo were listening in and it immediately caught their attention and actually motivated them.


I would like to find a few picture books (fiction or historical fiction) that at least refer to the main character studying Latin, astronomy or in any other way hints at what we now call a classical education. I picked up some that took place in the middle ages, but they didn't touch on the characters education at all.


Any suggestions?

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What do you mean by picture books?


If you're looking for novels, you might look into novels by E. Nesbit, or the Swallows and Amazons series by Arthur Ransome. Our experience has been that older books tend to have characters who reference literature, Greek and Latin, and other classical studies that modern characters just don't.

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I know there are others, but the first two that sprang to mind (and that I was able to confirm quickly did have a mention of education similar to the one we hope to instill in our children) were:


Bach's Big Adventure


The Holy Twins


In the first, Bach complains (mildly) about having to study Latin and mathematics, when all he really wants to study is music... (Yes, it's slightly negative, but my kids took it more as, "Oh, others have suffered with this too, and they survived" lol, rather than as permission to complain.) In the second, there's a mention of Benedict studying Latin, Greek, writing, etc in Rome, while Scholastica is educated in a convent closer to home.

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It's a novel but I really liked "Linnets and Valerians" by Elizabeth Goudge.

It has fantasy in it -fairies etc. so if you don't like that sort of thing this wouldn't be for you. Read the reviews on Amazon - there are some good ones, for and against (I'm obviously for).



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