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SOTW Vol 4 - a different option?

Chez J

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Hi all,


I just started looking through SOTW Vol 4. I don't want to use it next year. I know it is chronological and written for middle school students. But the flow of the book is too choppy to me. I was thinking that there is too much covered. Also, thought that it might be better done as continents in some cases.


Anyone have ideas on how to do moderns without overload? Program you like better than Vol 4.? My daughter is only 9. But her thinking is much more advanced than that. She could probably do work at about 5th or 6th grade level.





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We are using SOTW 4, but as a loose framework. I haven't decided how much of SOTW I will require dd to do, because most of what we are going to do is read supplemental books. I have more than a biography a week picked out, plus close to a history book a week. There is so much out there for 1850-present and I have had a blast just putting it all together. We haven't done a timeline previously but I'm thinking about doing one next year, to help dd visualize everything and how it overlaps.

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Have you looked at Biblioplan? It schedules both SOTW 4 and Streams of Civilization 2 for Modern History, as well as readings from History of US and supplemental books. It believe it doesn't schedule the SOTW 4 readings in order, but rearranges them to be less choppy. Or you could just use the Streams of Civilization for the spine and leave out the SOTW readings.


Here's the link to the description, Table of Contents, and sample lesson plans:



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