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Proofread/Test Request

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Would a few of you test out my new website?


This is a new, new website. :)


It isn't the novel one, it's a business/blog website and I need to see if it works on different platforms.


Play around, test links...I've got someone fixing the email link, but other than that it should work. (I hope)


Thank you all soooooo much!


Comments and (gently worded) criticisms are appreciated

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forgot link
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Oh, I like it. The only question I have would be what are your credentials? As an outsider looking at your site I would want to know more about YOU and your experience.


Also the quickie critiques at the bottom, I'm not sure if that is a free service you are offering.


I love the colors, the only other thing I might add is that the light grey font color might be a tad too light. It could be my eyes today and the fact I've stared at my computer too long, so maybe it's just me.

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Hi Jennifer!

I visited your other site as well and like it! This new is one is great...I love the leaf design at the top.


I agree with elegantlion about the grey type. That was tough for me in the sidebar especially where the print gets smaller.


I would love to see credentials, and that would lend credibility to your pricing structure as well, which seems fair and well thought out.


Down in the lower right, you have an "it's" that should be an "its" but that's my Former-English-Teacher coming out again!! :lol: Errors pop off the page for me all the time, and yours is so near perfect it's beautiful!!! It's in the last paragraph under Book Review Submission Guidelines.


Can you make your email address a link to provide ease of use?


Your descriptions of services are thorough and interesting to read. Love it!


All the best to you on your venture!

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Just sent you an email.


One last thought...love the darker type that you've already changed, but the services on the right seem to blend together with same-size fonts. You might consider larger type for headings, or different color? I wanted to see your services pop off the sidebar should I be scrolling down quickly looking for something.

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