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(cross-post) Karenciavo (and others), about TOG and scheduling

Susan in TN

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I'm finally done birthing a baby, selling our home, and moving into a new one (except for the many boxes left to be unpacked, of course). So it's time once again to start obsessing over our first year of TOG.


Karen (how's your dad?), I've been reading over your blog on Tapestry scheduling and it's very helpful. I like the idea of starting the "week" on Friday to provide extra reading time over the weekend. I'm just wondering if you have made any major changes, or minor tweaks that you think might be helpful.


I also read your post on the literature guides, which I'm assuming will make more sense to me when I dig out the curriculum and look at it more closely .


FWIW, I will have a young rhetoric (14yrs), an older UG (11yrs), and young LG (almost 7yo) (plus an almost 5yo, 3yo, and baby.)


Any other suggestions, fabulous plans, or wonderous tidbits are welcome!

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Not Karen here, but her blog is Rivendell Press. She has some wonderful ideas for using TOG, and I have learned a lot from her blog. I am using her workbook per unit idea next year.


Susan in TN - I have made weekly schedules for my kids that include TOG subjects. I have 2 UG, 1 D, and 1 R. I get a little OCD about scheduling because we have activities out of the house every afternoon. I don't follow the TOG idea of letting my R student schedule his own work. I tried that and he procrastinated too much. He does fine if it's down in black and white when he has to do what.


Anyway, I would be glad to email you my weekly schedule if you pm me.



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Karen's blog is awesome. This will be my first year with TOG and I was looking at the her blog to find Year 2 unit 3 and 4 but did not see either of those units. We are starting there bc that is where DS left off in school. I am overlooking those units on her blog or are they there?




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Not Karen but Karyn here LOL! I have Rivendell Press bookmarked and have been inspired many o' times! So thank you, Karen! :001_smile:


Scheduling can be the biggest hurdle with TOG, but also the biggest blessing! There's lots of options to sift through, and you may have to try several before something jives with you and your family. I've found that for me and my house, it helps to slot it out on a timetable this way:

Mon or Day 1: reading (approx. 2hrs)

Tues or Day 2: reading (approx. 1 hr), timeline and mapwork

Wed or Day 3: SAP, Writing lesson & pre-writing

Thurs or Day 4: Hands-on activity and writing first-draft, hand-in to mark

Friday or Day 5: Hands-on activity and final writing


If you're doing Lapbooks & discussions, then that has to be done after reading, so day 3 or after. As for the other Tapestry tid-bits (philo., gov., vocab., et al) I haven't done them yet, so je ne sais pas. :001_smile:


I think it's a great idea to have Friday as Day 1, to allow for the reading on the weekend! Totally makes sense to me! What a time saver that would be! I'm not sure we could actually get it done, as weekends tend to be our busy days then restful days, just not sure when we'd actually get to it, but I may have to just try that out next year! It would be great if it worked for us! :001_smile:

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