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Protecting long hair from pool water?

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DD is taking swimming lessons, and I think I need to get more serious about protecting her hair from the chlorine. She has waist-length fine hair that is already a bit dry at the ends as it is. Daily chlorine is not going to be good. Any suggestions?

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Wet hair thoroughly in the shower to get fresh water on the hair first before the pool. Put leave in conditioner, or use watered down regular conditioner in a spray bottle, on the hair and braid it.


The water gets under the cuticle blocking the chlorinated/salted water from being there.


The conditioner makes the hair easy to comb and also acts as a barrier.


Braiding the hair keeps the above all in one area, so the barrier isn't washed away as easy.


Using a swim cap can help immensely but isn't always comfortable with long hair.

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A nice, thick, gloppy conditioner seems to help our dd's long hair. I think White Rain is the brand. But it's the super duper one, not the regular one. They wash their hair and apply plenty of conditioner after every swim.


I also plan to trim their hair prior to pool season and, again, in the fall, after pool season. The first trim is to make it easier to wash (frequently). The second is to get rid of the 'ragged' look produced by the pool chemicals.


When they were little, I noticed that if I skipped even one washing after pool time, their hair was a mess. I had to be very consistent about it.




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