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Sugestions for a spanish text for HS??

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WTM recommends Rosetta stone or ( mind gone blank) Learnables???


at the end of the chapter they mentioned The Self Teaching Guide for Spanish.


So thise of you who have been there what so you think?


I am thinking about:

Rosetta Stone the Level I-III Pack (Can use for 3 children so the cost is not so bad)

Self teching Guide for Spanish for extra grammmar practice.

and a Coversational Spanish Class offered at our red center.


How does that sound??


Would this be enough for Spanish 1-3? I know I would need to add in some more grammar and writing practice - but what???




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I think that sounds good. I think the opportunity to speak it aloud will be what's most important. One class my son took used a Barron's Guide to Spanish entitled Spanish Now! to reinforce the written language.


We also used BJU Press' programming for Spanish I. I know that it is somewhat pricey, but it was a sound program for him. He went back to school this year and has done fine in Spanish II after completing that programming last year.



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Oldest ds used SOS Spanish, which is a great program for an able student, but middle ds doesn't do so well working on the computer independently.


The new Spanish Now! Level 1 includes CDROMS. I wish there were even more audios to go with the lessons, but we really like the book. Lots of repetition and practice AND they introduce the verb forms slowly, one at a time...

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I am thinking about:

Rosetta Stone the Level I-III Pack (Can use for 3 children so the cost is not so bad)


In my experience buying the whole package at the outset is not necessarily the best way to go. The technology changes but, more importantly, goals and desires change.


We have used Rosetta Stone Spanish I successfully over a number of years. We upgraded from version 1 to version 2 along the way. This was $20 very well spent and no big deal.


But now my eldest dd is looking to college and beyond that to graduate school. Her goals indicate that a change in language is appropriate (we'll be switching to German) and younger dd is just plain bored with Spanish and wants a change for high school.


Of course none of this would be happening if we'd initially studied French which was my desire, but that is another story



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