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How Much would you charge?

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I saw an ad in our homeschooling internet newsletter asking for 5-7 hours a day, 4 days a week, child care for an infant. The ad said they were also looking for care for their preschooler (3yo), but could send that child to an actual preschool. I am looking at working next year, to pay off debt, and putting dd7 into school, so this job was intriguing.

I have no clue, however, how much I'd charge--my time is valuable, I have a BS in Edu, I live within 15 mins of this couple, and I have 10 years of preschool/K experience. What do you think? Taking the job would allow me to pick my own daughter up from school (or be home by the time the bus dropped her off), and I think I could take her with me (or her brother could watch her) if she had a day off, so I wouldn't need my own child care.

And, I'd love to teach a 3 again--they are so fun. I've got so much preschool stuff, I'd be thrilled to design a little program for him that we could do together.

What would you charge?

This is in a suburb of DC.

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My cousin, who lives in Northern, VA (real close to DC) pays $10/hr for someone to watch her children during the day. She has a 4yo and 2 3yos, although sometimes she'll take one with her, or the older one will be in school, and she still pays the same. That should give you a reference point to start from.

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Call the closest preschool to them and ask them what they charge, then take it down a bit for this couple. Explain to the couple that you are charging less than this preschool AND your preschooler is getting one to one access AND hot lunch from you AND access to outside field trips, etc.


So if the school charges say $200 a week, charge $150 for the couple.


That's what I've done in the past. I've also taken considerably less than that when someone I knew was in a bind (3 middle schoolers, $75 a week and I fed them--mom was a homeschooler herself, but had to work, so all I did was "oversee" their work).

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Hmm. Then this really may not work out. If I figure I have to pay around 30% to the government (taxes, SS), then I just can't afford to charge less than a preschool. Maybe less than a daycare? I'll check out how much per week they would charge for the same time, for an infant and a 3yo. I've done the "charitable" thing for friends before and just think I need to be paid a little more. But I really feel for those who can't afford good childcare. And I hate to overcharge--for example, I won't work for Huntington or Sylvan, because they charge their clients out the wazzoo, and don't pay their tutors well at all. On my own, I could ask for $30 an hour here, but again, I'd have to take it down for those who can't afford it (and many who need tutors around here are just barely making it-not all, but I'd want to be aware of being "kind" to those who really need the help and aren't able to afford that much).

I have much to ponder!

Thanks everyone.

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