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Who likes English for the Thoughtful Child?

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DD6 is almost done with Phonics Pathways (finally!), and I was just looking at ETC on Amazon and I am confused by the contradictory reviews.

As some background, we have the older version of TWTM and I am following it pretty closely with some CM thrown in for atmosphere.

DD6 is a pretty strong reader (reading Little House on her own), but her writing is not so strong. She can form letters correctly, but mostly just hurries through copywork so she can be done with it.

I am concerned about the reviews that say this has too much writing in it? OTOH, maybe this will inspire better writing?

What does the hive advise?




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I would advise that you get the new edition of TWTM. :) EFTC was suggested in the original WTM, but only because there wasn't anything else out there for young children. WTM author, Jessie Wise, addressed that little problem by writing First Language Lessons. It takes the place of EFTC in the authors' recommendations.


Back in 2002, I had EFTC, and could never figure out exactly what I was supposed to do with it. As a first time homeschooler, I simply didn't have enough experience to figure out what to expect of my little girl. First Language Lessons came out, and it was perfect for us. I subsequently used it with my second dc, two years behind my first, and all three of us loved it. Both of my dc cried when we finished. It's gentle, but thorough. The recitations are fun, and are effective in teaching me how to help them memorize anything. The lessons are scripted, and review is built in. The writing starts very gently, and imperceptively becomes more rigorous. I would highly recommend that you look at First Language Lessons, by Jessie Wise.


And, if it's in your budget, pick up a new WTM. Look at PeaceHillPress.com (the authors' website). They have written more gentle, classically-oriented books that aren't listed in WTWM 2nd ed.

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...this year with my 7yo son. It's been simple and easy- but we are a "language" oriented family. My son certainly doesn't beg for lessons, but he doesn't run from them either.


I should mention that I rarely make him do all the writing in it. We do a lot of it orally, and I supplement with other worksheets printed free online.





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I have been putting off buying the newest edition of TWTM! I'm such a cheapskate. I thought, no way it can be that much different! Thanks for the kick in the pants, Suzanne. :) Since I am centering my daughter's education around a book, it seems that I should have the latest edition, eh?


I will definitely check out First Language Lessons. For some reason I thought that was more for K-5.

Thanks for putting up with newbies like me!


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I have been using volumes 1 and 2 with my reluctant writer for grades 3/4. When I pulled him from ps, he was at the point of almost refusing to write. We started out doing most of the assignments orally and I have gradually had him write more. I found it easy to adapt for less writing. He likes it.

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FLL is for first and second grade (both grades in one book). I did it in 1 1/2 years with both my kids, but we didn't start it until we were half way through first grade. It's easy to do two or three lessons at once at the beginning of the book. By second grade, the lessons are longer, and we only did one a day.


There is now FLL3, for 3rd grade, but that wasn't available when my kids were young. We went straight into Rod & Staff 3.

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