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Cute Sunday School story (CC, as you would expect)

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At our church, 3-12yo's have a combined worship/opening time on Sunday mornings before going to Sunday School classes.


We've been singing a song based on Luke 19:40: "I tell you," he replied, "if they keep quiet, the stones will cry out." It's a pretty silly song that we got from a Brentwood collection.


We got to the 3rd or 4th verse, which says:

Ain't no dog gonna bark in my place

As long as I'm alive I'll glorify His holy name!

When in walks....A DOG!


The kids went nuts, and one of the other teachers looked at me and mouthed, "How did you do that?"


The back door of the church had been propped open to take advantage of the sunlight and warm breeze, and the dog just walked on in, and made a perfectly timed entrance.


Luckily, he was extremely friendly, and had his owners' phone number on his tag.


But the door was shut after that.:001_smile:

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This reminds me of the time a preacher was speaking about "God Can Calm the Storms of Your Life," or something like that -- during a thunderstorm. :D Every time he spoke with EMPHASIS, there was a loud thunder CLAP! The booms came with such perfect timing, it was as though God was applauding his sermon points. :lol:

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