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My DH, dieting together and my 888 list.....

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Earlier this week, my DH "did" practice for my 9 year old's baseball team, which he is coaching. After that, we went to my oldest's practice. My DH (56, btw, with 4 adult boys and 2 grandkids) grabbed his glove and went into left field to "help".


He exited the field after a total of nearly 4 hours of baseball practice and said "I have to lose 80 pounds". I said "Are you asking for my help?" (I lost 50 or so pounds since he's met me). He said "Yes" .


"Will you read anything?" (Me)




"Then you will have to trust me. Do you want me to plan, encourage, cheerlead or kick in the butt?"


"All of it".


So, we've been doing low carb all week. It's the first time he's done low carb (he did one of the deliver meals to you plans back in the 80's). He's thrilled with the eggs and bacon and not so much with no biscuits. If you don't already know, the first time you do low carb, with a strict couple of weeks, the results are often dramatic. He's lost more than 8 pounds already!


He trusts me, I think, but he still wants pancakes!


What does this have to do with my 888 list? Gary Taubes, "Good Calories, Bad Calories" is on it. It should count for 2 books, IMO. Very challenging. I knew some of it having researched low carb before, but it's a great book.

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I am awarding you 2 points for the book. I guess I figure I have the right since I started this whole 888 reading thing on the boards. Please no throwing tomatoes at me for this(even is they are low in carbs) Seriously though some of the book clubs you join charge 2 points for certain books. So I figure you should be rewared two points for reading certain books. For example, I am reading the entire Bible this years, now depending on how you look at it that could be a whole slew of points since it is a lot of seperate books put into one. I am just considering it a complete catagory:D

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Does that book allow any carbs at all? How do you (ahem) get your fiber? Lastly, do you find that going low carb makes you grumpy.

Do you feel like posting a sample day's meals?



I haven't gotten to where (and I don't know if he does) recommend a diet style. It's not a "diet book" as such.


As for my low carb style, if you mean do I have any grains at this time, the answer is no. I do have flax meal once a week or so. I eventually plan on moderate use of whole grains. Restricted is probably a more accurate term.


But carbs in general? Yes. We are eating unlimited non starchy veggies. That's how I lost my 50. Meat and veggies, quality fats.

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