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Unexpected Math Answer


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DS was studying tables and graphs in Saxon math last week and I almost died laughing when I saw one of his answers.

The picture was of a Growth Chart that graphed a child's growth from birth until about 10.

The question was asking something about the slant of the graph and the fact in the beginning it quickly inclined and then it slowed down. It asked why this happened.


His answer:

Because his body's growth is slowing until puberty


I don't think that is what the Math book answer was but I marked it correct for critical thinking. Sometimes DS is too smart for his own good.:lol:

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That is so funny!


I love unexpected answers. Once when my son was about nine he was asked to identify some grammar concept in the sentence: "Italy is almost entirely surrounded by water." In his answer book he wrote: "Hello, people! Italy is a peninsula!"

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Guest 4boys
Those are funny. My five yr old asked me last night when I was going to lay another baby. He must be getting me confused with a chicken LOL


My 7yo said this same thing the other day, only he was referring to the bunnies he saw outside. He said they were probably "laying babies in the bush". :) More study on mammals needed!

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