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How long does it take to get a passport?

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My daughter and I both applied for one and we had them within 2 weeks.


FYI ~ I was not aware of this until I got there that you had to send in the *original* birth certificates. I had everything in order but must have missed that one small sentence. I almost had a heart attack but they both came back safe and sound.

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My mil just called my dh and said she'd like pay to send dh and fil to Germany for a week for fil's birthday in July. Is that even doable?


I told dh that his idea of a notarized letter that says, "I am not a terrorist." isn't going to fly. :)


We expedited at received 5 passports in NINE DAYS!!

I would probably pay the additional fees to expedite now b/c it is nearing travel season. Not worth risking a once-in-a-lifetime trip.

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We applied for passports for our kids in mid-January and had them back in three weeks. This was especially quick, given that my kids had Indian passports, birth certificates and "green cards" for proof of identity. One of the kids even had a different birth date than the Indian documents showed. IOW, the process ought to have been more complex than usual, as my kids were international adoptees. If they did "complex" applications in three weeks, your passports should be even faster.





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JUST A NOTE!!! If you are applying for a passport for a child, both parents must appear in person. If they both don't accompany the child, you will need a notarized letter from the non-appearing parent giving the child permission to obtain a passport. I believe the form needing to be notarized is on the passport website.

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