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  1. 2 hours ago, mathnerd said:

    This could be one of the reasons. I have multiple alarms because I have a hard time getting up in the morning and it is one of the worst times of the day for me. Thank you for finding the term!

    One thing that has really worked for me is a website called sleepytime (you can google it, I won't post the link). It tells you what time you should wake up to be rested if you're going to sleep at a certain time. Alternatively, it tells you what time you should go to sleep to wake up well rested in a good sleep cycle. Each option gives multiple times in different increments so you can get as much or as little sleep as you want but the goal is to set your alarm to wake up in a certain point of your sleep cycle that will make you feel well rested (as opposed to waking up to alarms during REM sleep). 

    I thought it was hokey, but it really seems to work well for me!

    As far as the sweating goes, DS has severe hyperhidrosis but has since birth. If it's a new thing for you then I'd get your sugars checked or see if it may be a menopause symptom.

    Good luck!

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  2. DH has driven a few times in England (where I'm from, but didn't drive). It's an adjustment but you'll really love having your own car. Poor DH had to navigate my parent's manual car shift on the opposite side whilst driving on the opposite side, whilst his wife was navigating. 🙄😊

    You can totally do it.

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  3. 17 hours ago, Princess5 said:

    The DDPY looks interesting.. Several of you mentioned to have a folding chair.. Does it need to be folding? Can it be a regular simple  dining table chair...

    It can be any chair. ☺️

    So far so good, it seems like it will be relatively easy to keep up with. I'm only hurting a little bit. HA!!!

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  4. On 9/23/2021 at 8:33 PM, MissLemon said:

    I've been doing DDPY for the last 6 months and have lost 42 lbs. I still have another 40 to go before I am at my goal weight and a healthy bmi. I started in a size 18 and am now in a size 8.  I'm peri-menopausal, have Hashimoto's disease and was told it would be "near impossible" for me to lose weight with those strikes against me.  

    It's not too late to start improving your health.  This is a video that a boardie showed me that got me started on a better path.  If he can do it, anyone can make improvements.  Arthur Boorman video

    I've lost weight several times before and always gained it back. I did WW, calorie counting, Jillian Michaels workouts, The Firm, and endless cardio on a stationary bike.  The conclusion I've come to in all of this is that ANY exercise program will work.  ANY diet will work.  The "best" one is the one that gets done consistently.  I failed in my previous attempts at weight loss because I was inconsistent with effort and didn't see that I needed to make these changes a permanent lifestyle change. 

    The thing about diets is you can't ever go back to eating in the way you did before.  The way I ate prior to March 2021 led to me being 80+ lbs overweight and borderline morbidly obese. I can't go back to that if I want the weight to stay off. I watched my stepmother yo-yo diet for decades. She tried every diet under the sun, including liquid-only diets. She'd drop a ton of weight and go right back to eating exactly the same way that led to her being obese. Surprise! The weight always came back.  

    I like DDPY because it feels very accessible.  There is continuous messaging that it's ok to start where you're at and build from there. There are even workouts for people that cannot get out of bed yet.  I know people that have gone from being bed-bound to doing full, "normal" workouts.  It's absolutely possible to improve on where you are at.  All it took to get started was a yoga mat and following the videos on the DDPY app.  $100 bucks and I was set for a year.  DDPY isn't just an exercise routine, though.  He really digs into changing your mindset about fitness and what you can achieve. The mindset change is really key to keeping the weight off. 

    Thank you so much for this information. I signed up yesterday and did my first work out today. It does seem doable. I'm currently a size 18 so your story is very encouraging to me!

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  5. Thank you for asking this question, OP. I'm reading the responses with interest as I am about to turn 40 and know that I have to do something about this excess weight soon or it will be much harder to get off (it's already hard).

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  6. AAAAAHHHHH why do I read these threads!?! LOL! Idonotneedthisapplianceidonotneedthisappliance.....


    I have the original foodi and use it as an instant pot/air fryer. I also have a griddle, but I don't have a way to cook steaks perfectly. 🤔

  7. After reading threads here earlier this summer that mentioned the risk I scheduled DS's shots after basketball camp ended and had him avoid exercise of any kind for a week after each one. DS did have some issues with vertigo and feeling sick but nothing that seemed heart related. I'm really grateful to the threads here or I'd have had no idea about the myocarditis risk. 

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  8. 26 minutes ago, heartlikealion said:

    Did you all get the Sept. tax credit? Supposedly was supposed to hit banks Sept. 15. I can't see because stbx has them going to his personal account and then he moves my share into the joint. I'm waiting on him to text me back. I could really use it right now. I had a dr appt. this week and just ordered new glasses I've been needing for a long time. 

    Btw, if anyone needs a code for $20 off their first pair at pair eye wear let me know. This is my first time ordering with them and I hope they fit.  

    I just looked and ours is in our account already. Hope that helps

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  9. 1 hour ago, Farrar said:

    I think it depends on the sort of person someone is. I do think the vast majority of tourists just want to do the things everyone suggests.

    I do like to recommend Great Falls and Billy Goat Trail for nature lovers - it's one of the best 3 mile hikes in the world. Stunning and super fun.

    Also Kennilworth Aquatic Gardens if anyone is here in the summer. It used to be a real hidden gem, but during the pandemic, the entire region discovered it and swarmed in. It was so weird because for many years, it was this place that we always had to ourselves when we visited.

    I also like Artechouse for unusual art experiences. It's fun and weird and the exhibit is always changing. 

    Also, the Phillips and the Kreeger are pretty excellent. But again, only if you're an art museum junkie like me.

    Not a hidden gem, but the Hirshhorn is always one of our favorites and people rarely visit. Also, we are mildly obsessed about the Peacock Room in the Sack/Freer, which is also usually empty. The Renwick has great exhibits. But we're art museum people, so. Most people come here and do no art at all. I will say... the SAAM courtyard is pretty cool even if you don't want to see any art.

    Also not exactly a hidden gem, but the Einstein memorial is really cool. It's across the street from the Vietnam Wall.

    The old capitol stones are cool. You can see the columns at the arboretum and you can find the rest of the portico abandoned in piles in a not so secret spot in Rock Creek Park. My kid filmed this dance there.

    For little kids, in the region, there's some fun things like the Trolley Museum and the Aviation Museum, both in Maryland.

    That's probably enough to get started with for slightly off the Smithsonian and memorials path stuff. At least that's not food related.


    Thank you so much for this, especially the 3 mile hike recommendation! DH is a pilot based out of National and so we have done a lot of the monuments/museums etc. Will have to try the Great Falls and Billy Goat Trail! We walked from the monuments to Teddy Roosevelt Island and then out to Rosslyn and took the metro back and that was a nice walk. We're always looking for things to do in nature.

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  10. 5 hours ago, Janeway said:

    I see tons of Covid cases around me, some vaccinated and some not. So far, I am not seeing a difference in severity. I have read there is a difference, but I am not sure. I am back to social distancing and all because I am thinking my vaccination might not be good against the Delta variant.

    But, I do think deaths seem to come in groups. My dad died at the end of January. Within days of dying, so did an uncle, and then a cousin, and so on. Just lots of deaths within a two months time. 

    I'm so sorry to read about all of the losses in your family. Sending gentle hugs.

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  11. 3 hours ago, athena1277 said:

    Dh’s back was hurting while we were out of town a few weeks ago, so we bought a heating pad with a massage function.  I normally hate the way massagers feel.  However, I have COVID and right now it’s the best thing ever for the backaches I’ve been having.  I use it several times a day.

    I'm so sorry to hear that you've been having backaches. I had COVID in February and the backaches were the worst. Sending healing prayers!

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  12. 13 hours ago, MissLemon said:

    Watch an episode of Hoarders, and you will suddenly want to get rid of everything!

    This was going to be my suggestion, lol!!!

    I also like Hot Mess House on HGTV (I watch on Hulu with Live TV), and a lot of minimalist shows. 

    I also really like setting a timer for decluttering and then I can work past it if I want but I know there's an end to it if I'm feeling that I don't really want to continue.

    I'm glad you did the cabinet! 

  13. I got the Ninja Foodi a couple of years ago. It's a slow cooker/Instant Pot/Air Fryer in one. It's my most used kitchen gadget. I use the air fryer part more than the other options. It's too hefty for me to want it on the kitchen counter but I just store it in my gadget armoire in my garage. It's totally been worth it to me.

  14. 3 hours ago, Danae said:


    1. The third dose is most effective after your immune system has had time to “digest” (my word) the first two doses so getting it early is less effective.  The eight month recommendation is based on the fact that the initial vaccines rolled out eight months ago, so to do it in an orderly fashion everyone should just get it eight months after their first.

    2. This is different than the third doses given to immune-compromised people.  The third dose for most people is to ensure longevity of immunity, the third dose for immune-compromised people is to get them up to the immunity level the rest of us got with two doses, so they should get their third dose ASAP.

    3. Getting unvaccinated people vaccinated will have a bigger impact on stopping spread than third doses. But the risk that offering thirds will cause unvaccinated people to think the vaccine doesn’t work isn’t a good reason to not do third doses. 

    4. J&J roll-out was later than the initial Pfizer and Moderna roll-out and they’re still gathering/reviewing data on second shots.  By the time J&J recipients hit the eight month mark there will be a recommendation for them specifically.  

    Was there anything about third doses for people who have been vaccinated and have already had Covid? I got Covid earlier in the year and waited 5 months for my first vaccination (am now fully vax'ed). Wondering if the natural immunity would work similarly to that booster shot.

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  15. On 7/3/2021 at 2:52 PM, importswim said:

    The anecdotal experience I've been seeing is that they get back earlier than their quotes (though don't count on too much earlier). I'm on a travel related FB page and people have been saying they've gotten theirs back earlier than suggested times. 

    We just renewed the kids' passports as they expire this fall. We don't have a trip scheduled (though were thinking about Paris this year at some point) but always keep our passports up to date as my parents live in England and we need to be able to travel at the drop of a hat if something happens to them. 

    As far as the 6 month timeline goes as far as leaving the country, each country that you visit has different guidelines. I know that some only need the passport valid the length of the trip while others will deny you entry if you have less than 6 months validity. Best to check the gov travel website for guidelines if you know the country that you're planning to enter. 

    Just an update...It took us 6 weeks to get the kids' passports back (not expedited).

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  16. I would go, but I'm probably also biased so take that answer how you wish. DH is a pilot and has been flying through the pandemic. He didn't get Covid and we haven't seen a huge amount of fellow pilots/FA's down with Covid in relation to how much they fly (which can be to may different airports/flights a day). Totally unscientific and anecdotal example though, so like I said take it for what it is. DH is now fully vaccinated (but wasn't for a long time due to availability in our area for his age) and I have no issue with him flying. He flies on average 60 flights a month.

    I would go because of the milestone and the alternative of driving 14 hours (UGH! LOL!). You have to do what you feel comfortable with, though!

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