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  1. My 15 and 10 year olds are professional actors. They’re now doing voice lessons by Zoom. They had just finished a show so nothing got cancelled, but they both have shows coming up at separate professional theatres. Lead roles for both of them (the first one for my 15 year old in 2 years). I’ve prepared them they may get cancelled. They’re more worried about the theatres surviving, both our community and professional theatres are in danger of having to close their doors. I hope it doesn’t come to that. My kids have some extra time now so in addition to voice, they’re doing some acting master cl
  2. Would JAG work well for a dyslexic 6th grader? She's been through Barton 3 and is finishing up MindPlay (online reading program). I would plan to get the DVD's.
  3. We had this issue with my daughter who has dyscalculia. We put her in public school last fall, they didn't believe the evaluations, wanted the teachers to evaluate for themselves. At 9 weeks she had a D (this was with us working on math 2+ hours a night). They refused to put a 504 into place until she failed completely. In pre-algebra. Unacceptable. She's now in private school with a program for learning disabilities and it's going much better.
  4. Is there anything like SOTW on CD or iTunes for American History? Or anything shorter but engaging? Not really looking for living history books on audio. More of an engaging textbook audio (hey, I can dream!). Thanks!
  5. I doubt that this will clear up anything or give the public anymore information than we already have. Makes me ill, honestly. :(
  6. I like CLE too. But for my daughter with special needs, I'm using R&S first grade math. The pages have fewer problems, are black and white, and she's gaining confidence.
  7. My 13 year old daughter has dyscalculia. She has a higher than average IQ and is high school level on most areas of language arts, but in math she is about at a 3-4th grade level (in 8th grade). She's in private school now that is meeting her needs. But some helpful things we've done: calculator, multiplication charts, graph paper, and repetition, repetition, repetition.
  8. Read, read, read, read, read! Also do nursery rhymes, songs, etc. that you'd do with a toddler. I'd focus more on giving him what he's missed (lots of huggy lap time while learning) than trying to remediate. It's about nurture and he hasn't had it. Once he feels secure, he will catch up much easier (if there's truly no issues and it is only from neglect).
  9. I downloaded the free unit and LOVE how it looks. Are you using LoL? I'd love to see some blog posts and hear some more reviews.
  10. Wow, this sounds awesome! I may be missing something, but it almost sounds like a complete (gentle) K program if you add in phonics and math? That's exactly what I'm looking for. Off to check out the blog posts! Thank you!!!!
  11. We enjoy Bible Study Guide for All Ages too! I've got three doing it, two using beginner pages and one using intermediate.
  12. I'm having a hard time getting the complete feel for just the enrichment portion. Does it include plans for art and music or is that in the regular guide? This looks wonderful, from what I can tell. I'd be interested in hearing more details. I'm only interested in the enrichment portion (or at least not the entire K program). Thanks in advance!
  13. Thank you! That's just what I wanted to hear. 😉 I do want to start phonics and I've got Phonics Pathways to use as a spine (I'll make actual lessons a little more hands on). I can't wait to start!
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