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  1. Years ago when I worked in a state hospital, the standard (cheap) treatment for foot and toenail fungus both was footbaths in strong black tea.
  2. Martian goes hiking. Gets left bit by bit on trail. He's badass like that.
  3. Another random thought. Some people who end up in the "not enough" space do better with the exact opposite tactic of expanding mindfulness practice: meditation, yoga, etc. Basically retrain the brain to look internally. I hate it when people tell me that. :-D
  4. I get plenty if intellectual stimulation at home. What I don't get is novelty and the occasional adrenaline rush. If I were in your shoes I would probably train for a hike on the Appalachian trail and learn to sky dive.
  5. My oldest has worked construction/finish carpentry and as a bike mechanic. He hasn't lacked for well paid work. Also, it made him stand out on college applications and scholarships. There was floating around recently of an admissions officer of a selective East coast school talking about letters of recommendation, and she mentions that any kind of paid employment for high school students stands out because it is unusual. So, you parents who can't afford the expensive robotics camps, take heart. There are other ways to build the skills and work ethic.
  6. Our oldest starts in the fall and will either be at a state school with moderate merit aid or a private school with substantial merit aid. Remaining expenses will be paid via a college savings account, his personal savings (he has worked very part time since age 12), outside scholarships, and a small monthly stipend from us. I have worked very part time most years, and that is where much of our savings and extras originate. Except for the college accounts. Those are not substantial but originates almost entirely with grandpa. It is a kindness much appreciated, given he was able to seed it during some very lean years for us.
  7. Likely paparazzi or a celebrity photographer or a site like TMZ. They take the copyright issues very seriously, otherwise it kills the price of the image. Most celebrities don't care one way or the other because any exposure = good.
  8. Similar experience here only in a diverse part of the US where language skills are needed in person, the trend is to use native speakers who have immigrated. Fluency in a second or third language for a native English speaker might be a nice bonus, but generally speaking I think with globalization the trend is for it to be less a necessary skillset, not more. I would prefer that not to be the case, but business runs on profit not preference.
  9. Interesting discussion. With regards to using a second (or third) language on the job, I am in the process of helping hire legal translators here in the US. The traditionally trained translators weren't working out because of poor cultural literacy--basically they weren't familiar with the street and prison slang, and had minimal knowledge of the drug and mental health worlds. Our best translator so far is a young man who is on probation from juvenile detention who spent several years in solitary working on correspondence English and writing classes online. That gave us the idea to contact the juvenile parole officers and find translators that way, especially for the smaller languages like Mien and Pashto. We can't use individuals with adult prison records because they don't pass the security clearances. But the juveniles with sealed records are an option. I do love this part of the job. There is something immensely satisfying working with young adults who have had craptastic lives and help them adapt to a professional environment where their life circumstances can be translated into a skill set that earns them a legitimate wage. All this to say, it is unlikely that my children learning a second language will help them much in the job market if they are here in the US. If they end up working in business or academic settings, English will suffice. If they end up working with a less educated population, they will lack the cultural literacy. Still, languages are just all kinds of fascination and fun. I can't say that I have done a great job teaching foreign language in our homeschool, but I do think I have helped instill in them a respect for languages and how interesting and fun they can be.
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