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    I have made it out of High School, but my books haven't. We have lots of books, CD's Textbooks, DVD's, Kits (Math/Science) and they are going cheap! We have listed most of them 50% off of their used price on Amazon. They are all well kept and in good condition, we are a smoke free zone. Here is the list: I am updating it daily, because we are going through our books etc. So check back often! Thanks Bronwyn Reeve If you have any issues please email:


  2. Although I haven't been "labeled" chronic. I am fighting Dysautonomia, which is a dysfunction in your nervous system. It can attack all areas of your health, for me I have had Mono, Tachycardia, Fatigue, Pneumonia, Migraines, You get the point...Not fun :glare: I am not a Mom yet, I am a stay at home daughter so it is a bit different for me, but I have been finding it hard to continue with normal day to day tasks. I think a support group for long term illness would be a great idea.
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