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  1. A friend told us about this program and now our boys are becoming avid bird spotters. I've attached the link to Arkansas Game and Fish Commission to read about the program. Individuals record their bird sightings and once they have collected a certain number, they mail in their records and receive a certificate. There are different levels they can work towards. https://www.agfc.com/en/get-involved/in-the-field/wingsoverarkansas/ Happy Bird Watching!
  2. Time Left: 8 days and 22 hours

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    Gently used. Has scuffs and stray marks but work was completed in a separate notebook.


  3. Time Left: 5 days and 23 hours

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    Rod and Staff Bible Nurture and Reader Series c1986 Teachers Manuals 1-5; Readers 1-5; 13 workbooks Good. Gently used 5 workbooks have 1-2 lessons completed, 8 are new; New workbooks: phonics unit 4-5 (qty 1); Reading workbooks unit 1 (1) units 2-3 (2), units4-5 (2); Worksheets units 2-4, 5 (1 each); Partially used: reading workbook unit 1 pre-reading lessons 1-4 missing; reading workbook unit 2-3 lesson 1 completed in pen; Phonics unit 1 review and practice 1-3 missing; Phonics unit 2 lesson 1 completed in pencil; Worksheets unit1 pre-reading 1-3 missing


    Russellville, Arkansas - US

  4. We used Sonlight Science for my ds9 in 4th and will be using F for 5th. He likes the variety of books and often reads ahead. My question is can I use Hist/Lit D+E for him and my ds7 and ds6? We haven't ever tried a subject as a group. I primarily focus on the 3 R's for my younger two, I just would like to expose them to more, not for mastery. Will the read alouds be over their heads? Ds9 has done SOTW for the last 3 yrs independently, so it would be a different approach for us. And are there activity pages/questions for history and lit? I have a separate grammar curriculum.

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    Veritas Press Old Testament Anciet Egypt, and New Testament Greece and Rome Teacher's Manuals, both vol. $19ppd Old Testament & Ancient Egypt has less than 10 colored with marker (coloring pages) a few stray pen marks, none of the question and answer pages have been marked. The big map in the back is clean with no markings. New Testament Greece & Rome is a clean copy. Buy both for $16ppd or O.T. for $8pp and N.T. $11ppd



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    $21 PPD. PayPal only. TM Shelf wear but otherwise in good condition. Student book has 7~10 lessons written in pencil. Would be easy to erase.



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    $5ppd Writing Road to Reading - flashcard pages cutout but included (I cut them out to make copies), no marks $18ppd Apologia Swimming Creatures Journal - like new, no marks $17ppd Math U See Epsilon Student Text and Test Booklet - spiral bound, lesson 1A-7F completed in pencil with a few pen marks and test 1-7 completed in pencil $11 ppd Learning Language Arts through Literature Yellow Book Teacher's Manual - slight shelf wear, no marks $19 ppd Learning Language Arts through Literature Orange STUDENT Activity Book - shelf wear, no marks



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    Learning Language Arts Through Literature Orange Student activity book - No writing, shelf wear. $19 ppd LLATL Yellow Teacher's Manual - no writing, shelf wear - $12 ppd Math U See Epsilon Student text and Test Booklet - spiral bound, pencil writing and some pen marks on lesson 1A-7F and tests 1-7 $15ppd Writing Road to Reading - flash card pages cut out so I could make copies, no other marks - $5 ppd Apologia Swimming Creatures Journal - slight shelf wear, no marks $18ppd


  9. A friend has a son (6) who has already finished MUS Alpha and halfway through Beta only because his mom is pacing him. They are on a tight budget and constantly buying textbooks is not an option and they don't have internet at home. Any of you veteran HSers have a suggestion for an advanced or challenging math curriculum? I know he is young, but he is incredibly bright. Any input would be helpful. Thanks!
  10. I was not prepared for how quickly my K5'er would progress through this book. We are on lesson 19 (of 30). We spend 1-3 days or longer on a lesson to ensure that he has mastered the information. So now I'm looking for what is next. I like the MUS short video lesson, kind of gives me a break and he gets to listen to someone else for a change, but I went through Saxon math in Jr. High and I know Saxon has a great reputation. For those of you have kiddos who do well in math, what would you do? I don't think he's a math genius, but he doesn't struggle too much. If he isn't being challenged, sc
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