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  1. A friend told us about this program and now our boys are becoming avid bird spotters. I've attached the link to Arkansas Game and Fish Commission to read about the program. Individuals record their bird sightings and once they have collected a certain number, they mail in their records and receive a certificate. There are different levels they can work towards. Happy Bird Watching!
  2. Videos aren't high on my list either, but IEW outlining was something I felt he lacked and I don't want to teach😉. Pudewa is dry but entertaining. The method he teaches is almost a formula (he is also a Suzuki violin instructor). It's a great combo for us to have the creativity and sentence play from W&R and the writing formula from IEW. the writing\rough draft\final draft process is also helping my ds realize his first effort isn't good enough.....good preparation for college, imo. I didn't mention before, but W&R has a neat section called Sentence Play where students mix up the sentence order, exchange nouns, verbs, adj, adv etc. Students "play" with sentence parts to create something different. HTH
  3. I have used W&R 1-3 with my ds......who is now 11 and in 5th. We used R&S grammar concurrently, but I skipped the writing assignments if they were on the same day as W&R. I think the books are designed for a semester but sometimes between life and hs'ing my other dc, it took us a little longer. We started in spring of his 3rd grade and it was challenging but WORTH IT! I loved how I could use this curriculum to start deep discussions about life all the while teaching him to understand literature and writing......for instance, when we read "The Ass and His Driver" we launched into what it meant for me as a parent to see my younger children running to danger. He was old enough to realize that I had to stop them, and that they did not understand why I wouldn't let them run out in front of a truck. By extension I explained I would do the same for him, and now I simply have to say, "Do you want me to let go of your tail?" He knows I mean the best for him and that as he gets older I will gradually let go of his tail. Another thing about starting in the middle, is the difficulty in the writing assignments. I would have to say it might be difficult to jump in to writing with dialogue, anthropomorphism, different voices, etc. unless your student is familiar with those. Sometimes he had to make several attempts before I thought he comprehended the assignment, but then he's a student that likes to give half an effort unless forced to give it his best. We also did most of the lessons orally, I'm on a budget. He did his writing on a notebook. And we only scheduled w&r 3x a week and each lesson was broken into 3-4 days. We also took a break after 3 to do IEW SWI A. It's been a great choice so far.....He has been writing stories for his brothers and friends.......and he started off HATING to write anything creative. I will return to Book 4 in the fall (6th grade) and see where we go after that. I might try to get through book 5 and then go back to IEW elegant essay or something, not sure...... So depending how you teach, my take away is that this is a great platform for instilling your values and prompting Socratic discussions (lessons took 20-45 min. depending on how much we discussed) in addition to learning writing skills.
  4. Time Left: 6 days and 4 hours

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    Gently used. Has scuffs and stray marks but work was completed in a separate notebook.


  5. Time Left: 3 days and 3 hours

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    Rod and Staff Bible Nurture and Reader Series c1986 Teachers Manuals 1-5; Readers 1-5; 13 workbooks Good. Gently used 5 workbooks have 1-2 lessons completed, 8 are new; New workbooks: phonics unit 4-5 (qty 1); Reading workbooks unit 1 (1) units 2-3 (2), units4-5 (2); Worksheets units 2-4, 5 (1 each); Partially used: reading workbook unit 1 pre-reading lessons 1-4 missing; reading workbook unit 2-3 lesson 1 completed in pen; Phonics unit 1 review and practice 1-3 missing; Phonics unit 2 lesson 1 completed in pencil; Worksheets unit1 pre-reading 1-3 missing


    Russellville, Arkansas - US

  6. We used Sonlight Science for my ds9 in 4th and will be using F for 5th. He likes the variety of books and often reads ahead. My question is can I use Hist/Lit D+E for him and my ds7 and ds6? We haven't ever tried a subject as a group. I primarily focus on the 3 R's for my younger two, I just would like to expose them to more, not for mastery. Will the read alouds be over their heads? Ds9 has done SOTW for the last 3 yrs independently, so it would be a different approach for us. And are there activity pages/questions for history and lit? I have a separate grammar curriculum.
  7. I have a similar experience. With my DS9 I started FLL1 in 1st and we just couldn't do it everyday.....way to boring and repetitive,but the lessons are incredibly short. We only finished about 1/3-1/2 of the book. However, he was well prepared for R&S 2 in 2nd grade. If you want for 1st grade, just focus on what nouns are. Then verbs, gently. In 2nd grade R&S and now in 3rd, we do most if not all the lesson orally and he completes the worksheets. We also did WWE 2 for the 1st semester of 3rd (2lessons/day) and began W&R Fable the second semester. The mental development needs to be there before starting W&R. The child has to begin thinking beyond the words for W&R to be effective. I'm glad I didn't rush anything....I'm learning that just because they are smart for their age doesn't mean their minds are mature yet..... My son wasn't ready for W&R until the last half of 3rd, but I am loving the discussions we are having....and again we do most of the lessons orally. I don't want him to hate language arts the way I did just because of busy work and excessive writing.....maybe next year we'll increase the amount of writing he does.
  8. I know it exists somewhere, but I can't find a book list (fiction or nonfiction) that correlates with SOTW 3. I know the activity book has reading suggestions (I don't have this yet, it's on my want list for next year......) I'm looking for longer chapter books (like Adam of the Road) not just picture or reference books on a 4th grade reading level. Thanks for any suggestions!
  9. I use the Acts and facts Science cards that Classical Conversations produces. It seems overly simple but my DS 9 memorizes a card a week. Later when he can do more independent reading of a textbook, he will already have some facts tucked away in his brain and be familiar with the concepts. has some short articles on science topics with short youtube videos that are excellent. You could combine the ACts and Facts Science cards with the ck12 articles with not too much labor on your part. I use the ck12 pages to help teach my highschool co-op biology class. I also have a K, PreK and 2 anything my 3rd grader can do on his own the better. Later when I don't have so many interruptions, I'll do more experiments. Janice Van Cleave (?)has some great books.

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    Veritas Press Old Testament Anciet Egypt, and New Testament Greece and Rome Teacher's Manuals, both vol. $19ppd Old Testament & Ancient Egypt has less than 10 colored with marker (coloring pages) a few stray pen marks, none of the question and answer pages have been marked. The big map in the back is clean with no markings. New Testament Greece & Rome is a clean copy. Buy both for $16ppd or O.T. for $8pp and N.T. $11ppd



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    $21 PPD. PayPal only. TM Shelf wear but otherwise in good condition. Student book has 7~10 lessons written in pencil. Would be easy to erase.


  12. You know I just started using the activity book, I didn't even think about the review cards!! THanks!
  13. I've tried to incorporate CC history sentences into our daily work and I really like the idea, but they skip forward randomly. So I thought I would come up with some history sentences for copywork and memorization and correlate them with whatever chapter we are doing in SOTW. We usually do a sentence/week. Anyone else try this? BTW, we are so tired of narration. SO Very Tired. I have my son summarize what he read that day and write in his own words 2-3 sentences. But he doesn't retain much of that.
  14. I have a ds(8) and WWE and FLL drive him crazy. We do R&S 3 orally and maybe diagram 2-3 of the sentences when they are assigned. I find the worksheets that go with the lessons are good to reinforce but not tedious, they only take him maybe 5 minutes. So far any written assignments we do orally. Some say R&S can stand alone and maybe they are right, but I like having a separate writing cur. We were doing WWE 2, but 3 out of 4 days crying is involved. So I've trudged through the first 22 weeks (doing 2 lessons/day) and now we are going to switch to W&R Fable just for something different (we'll see how that goes.) As a parent I can see where WWE is going and I trust the method, but I need some variety.
  15. My ds8 likes to read and doesn't have trouble spelling. I think he has a little bit of a photographic memory, he doesn't need much practice before he remembers how to spell a word. We will be finishing AAS through level 7 next year (3rd) but I don't know what to use next. I thought about something that teaches the Latin and Greek roots, but am open to suggestions. I don't want something too tough because he does have the maturity you'd expect for a typical 3rd grade boy.
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