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  1. LOVE - cabinets to the ceiling, no dust-collectors along the top double oven at standing height, in a built in (with a microwave) island workspace, shorter than standard countertop (b/c I'm short!) outlets on island workspace small veggie-rinsing sink on island workspace trash compacter* in the cabinet (we don't usually compact the trash, just use it as a trash can) * to do it again, I'd have added a small trash hole in the counter top (think fast-food or doctor office) flood lights (instead of fluorescent tube lights) dine-in (table and 8 chairs fit inside kitchen, not in a separate room) separate pantry with graduated shelves - appliances on lower shelves, food on taller (shallower) shelves undermount water filter/dispenser instead of separate spray nozzle faucet with pull-out spray nozzle ((instead of separate nozzle) HATE - The stove used to be on the island. Moving it freed up workspace for meal prep and baking, which is especially nice when cooking with the kids - and also when hosting a "bar" (baked potato bar, chocolate fountain, etc.) When the stove was on the island, the range hood hung atop the stove. It was always in the way for anyone over 5'4" (which isn't me!), they'd hit their head on the glass whenever walking around the stove/range. granite countertops - I hate the color and the material. I'll be replacing with formica on the perimeter and marble for the island. intercom - I disconnected it. It has a radio but I want to replace it with something capable of playing an iPad or iPod.
  2. All day long I've been trying to squash my inner frat boy. (he wants the carpet that matches the drapes.) :leaving:
  3. I'm having a yuck day, and this thread has helped lift the clouds. Even the ones I'm too dumb to understand, (and have to pretend laugh to because even the kids seem to get them.) :thumbup1: I hope this thread never dies. Again. My nephew's science teacher isn't overly fond of him. He talks a lot and comes off as a know-it all in her class. But he's been trying to simmer down and be less obnoxious. ("Passionate" is his euphemism of choice.) He passed her a note after class today, with this joke written on it. She came over to him at lunch, smiled, and said she LIKED the joke. So he thanks you, MiMi & Kiana (OP) - this thread, and joke, moved him down a spot on her Poo List. :D
  4. I have never had any desire to read this series - not as a child, not as a mother (to a child who wanted to read them). But now I'm hooked on all of the extra information this thread has offered. It's all looking way more appealing now :) I'm just trying to decide which order to tackle it in: kids' series followed by adult literature, or adult literature followed by kids' series! LOL
  5. Confession time Forgive me, Father, for I have sinned. It's been {mumble mumble} since my last confession ...
  6. Even xylophones can elicit loudness. DCKLR
  7. Try resting around coughing kids! VYPSA
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