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  1. I all have three cycle of memory work cds. I think I'm going to keep the Foundations guide and the CDs. But I let go of the EEL guide. I may hold on to the timeline cards. I think those may be of some value later also :) I'm thinking of using SOWT as our main history curriculum and picking through the CC memory work that coincides with our work.
  2. Thank you SO much for the feedback. All were very wonderful and have given exactly what I needed: a little perspective. It's really tough when you're in a homeschooling perpetuating tunnel especially when you can't remember how you got there! Everything this year has gone by so fast. I'm going to keep what I love the most and allow myself to let go of what I know we won't get to or won't use. The memory work in CC really is gold and I can see how I can incorporate it into our studies at home. If not, I will let it go as well and just be thankful. Thanks everyone!!
  3. I've read through a ton of posts on Classical Conversations, all of which have been good and bad reviews. However, I'm not looking for a review as much as I'm looking for someone to help with a little perspective. We've had experience with CC for the past three years. Every year I'm torn between sticking with the program or completely flushing it. This year, we're sitting out because of an out of state move. We also have a great classical academy at our church that is cheaper and similar in nature but not the exact same material. I want to keep all my material for CC but honestly, I'm having a hard time fitting it all into the schedule plus what we're getting at the academy and the everyday priorities e.g. reading, math, spelling, english..... I almost have a guilty feeling for not using it but stop myself from pulling the plug completely. Anyone in the same position or have been in the same position? Should I let it all go or determine to find a spot for it in our day?
  4. I've been looking through all the threads on R&S vs. Saxon and since it came up in a discussion this morning with my husband, I'm wondering when it's best to test out of R&S and into Saxon? I've read that some people do grades 1-3 with R&S and start Saxon at grade 4. And some say to stick with R&S through the 8th grade and then start Saxon in 9th. My oldest will be in the fourth grade next year so I'm trying to decide what's best?? Any thoughts?
  5. Thank you! I'll look into it. We do reading on our own but we're pretty much minus the phonics stuff right now. I get confused too since so much of phonics and english will overlap at this age.
  6. I'm homeschooling a second grade girl and third grade boy. At the moment we're doing R&S Math (Mathematical Reasoning supplement) Apples and Pears Apologia Science Beautiful Feet (history, geography mostly for fun) Does anyone have some suggestions for an English curriculum to go with what we're already doing? Do they need English right now? I was thinking about starting our Latin program and I've read that they'll learn lots English grammar through that also. Any thoughts???
  7. Thank you for the advice! What I have liked about R&S is that it incorporates all the rules of grammar as well as spelling. I would like the kids to get both aspects in if at all possible. My 9yo isn't up to par on reading as much as my 7yo and my 5 yo is only learning so far.
  8. There are a couple that are simply called "third grade learning games." I believe it's the the third grade app that is free. The K, first and second grade apps are $1.99 I downloaded the third grade app first and it was great so I bought the other three as well.
  9. Hey fellow homeschoolers! I have a 9yo son, and two girls 6 & 7 that I homeschool at the moment. We've been steady with R&S phonics for about a year now. It's not working for us anymore and I'm looking for something to switch to but I haven't decided what yet. I've looked at SWR as well as AAS. Are there any others you can suggest I look at? I'd like something that incorporated the rules of grammar and spelling together. Thanks in advance1
  10. I'm thinking about switching my son (9), daughter (7), and other daughter (6) over to SWR from R&S phonics. I'm finding R&S to be confusing without much reinforcement for my kids. It's just day-to-day lessons without much review. My kids need the review. Especially when it comes to sounds/spelling rules. I've heard that SWR is really teacher intensive which doesn't both me too much as I want my children to be strong in the grammar/math/english areas. But my questions are: Can I teach all three children together? Are there any consumables that I will need to purchase? Is there review/reinforcement of spelling/grammar rules? Is the learning curve for the teacher steep because of the way the curriculum is taught or because phonics in general can be confusing? Is my 9 year old too old to start? He's reading slowly and I'm wondering if SWR will help him with his reading skills or hinder him? Thanks for any helpful information!!
  11. We have been using R&S for math and english (which has been great!) and phonics, which is CONFUSING! It's always telling me to refer to particular rule of grammar that I can't seem to find. I'm consistently having to go back and look to see what we missed when I move onto the next lesson. I'm finding it vague and not organized. I'm looking for another suggested curriculum that would make a smooth transition from this one. Any thoughts??
  12. For anyone here who uses R&S math curriculums, do you create all the teaching aids they talk about in the beginning of the book? We're using R&S 1 and 2 right now and I'm wondering if any of the teaching aides are super important? We used the ducks briefly in the 1 with our older kids and they helpes a lot. Any suggestions??
  13. I'm in the midst of organizing our school day for my K, 2nd and 3rd graders. We are doing: R&S English R&S Phonics Apples & Pears for spelling Can I swap phonics and spelling every other day? It just seems like a lot of "grammar" for one days worth of work altogether. Suggestions?
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