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  1. Thanks for all the replies! We’ve been looking and looking and coming up with nothing. Now we’re sitting here with my in-laws talking about our planning. They didn’t know either. Finally I said, “I’m going to ask the homeschool moms, they’ll know.” Sure enough.... I’ll be back for packing tips once I get the itinerary nailed down. We’re planning to KOA cabin camp as we travel. Six adult sized people and all the gear for six weeks of camping in our minivan. I feel confident that it can be done but It’ll take some planning. Now that my DH officially has the time off work, all of my free time is taken up trying to sort out the logistics of this trip!
  2. Thanks! This is it. I guess in our minds we mixed up the Cosmos area with the fact that there are also caves in the area. We’ll add this to our list. We’re really looking forward to this trip. We’ll have six weeks. Lots of time but not nearly enough. We’re in the Northeast and are planning to spend most of our time west of the Mississippi. Our kids will be ages almost 11 to 16 so this seems the perfect year to make this trip.
  3. I don’t really know how to ask what I’m looking for, as evidenced by the fact that Google is getting me nowhere, so I figured I’d ask a bunch of homeschool moms because you know everything. 🙂 We are planning a cross country trip this fall and would like to visit some caves. My DH and I both think we remember hearing about some caves that are a bit of an optical illusion. Like, you feel like you’re walking on the wall or walking sideways. We can’t remember what they’re called or where they are (maybe the Dakotas?) Anyone know what we’re thinking about?
  4. I’m dreading getting to my girls’ room. My three girls are teenagers and share a good sized room (It used to be the Master bedroom of the house.) Their closet used to be a small bedroom so it’s quite large. They have a lot of space. I can rarely see the floor. There are constantly clothes, blankets, craft supplies, stuffed animals, books, and papers EVERYWHERE. The youngest girl is 12 but there’s still a bunch of toys in their room too even though they’ve long since given up toys. We moved in a year and a half ago but I didn’t help them set up and get organized when we moved in or since. So it’s...bad...
  5. This is my dream. A limited number of items to be stored, sorted and organized into neatly stackable, labeled plastic bins.
  6. The mind boggling thing is that it was all full as soon as we unpacked. The previous owners left some furniture for us and odds and ends of materials that had been used around the house (flooring, paint, etc) but not enough that the whole house and all the storage areas should be full. (We bought the house from older friends who were downsizing to a much smaller house. We were fine with what they left.) We’ve only lived here a year and a half. We have brought some new stuff in but not much, I don’t think. At any rate, this whole house needs to be deep cool cleaned, purged, and re-organized. It’s daunting. One shelf, drawer, or box at a time...
  7. I want and need to do my whole house this year. We moved into this house summer of 2018 and cleared out a lot before we moved. That house was 1300 square feet, two decent sized closets and two very tiny ones, no usable garage, a barely usable basement, and some cubby holes under the eaves for storage. This house is about 2200 sq feet, 10 good sized closets, 3 car garage, dry basement storage area, a shed, and a potting shed. It’s all full. I don’t understand it. It shouldn’t be possible. Anyway...I did half of my kitchen last week and DS cleaned out some clothes that no longer fit and DH took them to Goodwill. I was hoping to get the other half of my kitchen done this weekend but I’m not sure it will happen. We started back to school this week and I forgot how much that takes out of me. Next week I add in my piano students and the kids’ extra curriculars. I’m going to still going to try to get something done towards my purging goals, even if it’s just one shelf or drawer.
  8. I like Ellen Barrett. Her workouts are upbeat and low impact. Plus, she always has a modifier showing an easier movement. She calls her workouts “functional fitness” and they’re kind of a mix of styles. I also like Jessica Smith. She has tons of free workouts on YouTube. They are varying lengths and styles. She is very upbeat and encouraging as well, not at all “drill sergeant”.
  9. A friend had her last baby (of 11) at 48. Her oldest is my age and her youngest is the same age as my DD2. That means her youngest four would all have been born when she was in her 40s maybe the next oldest too. All healthy kids, and healthy pregnancies as far as I know.
  10. We’re using Analytical Grammar and it’s working well for us. (8th and 10th grades) We’re doing two “seasons” this year spreading each unit out to two weeks instead of one. Next year we’ll do the last season. My girls are doing great with it and doing it half the recommended pace keeps time spent to a minimum and seems to be allowing time for the concepts to sink in.
  11. I got an e-mail from Rainbow Resource about it. To me it sounded like the updated program is available in three levels, 3rd-5th, 6th-8th, and 9th+. It also sounded like each of the three levels is a 2-year program. I might check this out for my oldest. She’s in 10th grade and writing is a nightmare for both of us. We’ve tried the method before with just TWSS, and it worked well for her, but I couldn’t keep up with teaching the lessons myself.
  12. Mansfield Hollow state park is a pretty place to hike. Mansfield borders Willimantic/Storrs so it would be close. If you make the drive to Mystic you could get Mexican at Margaritas. It’s one of our favorite places to get Mexican. You won’t find much to do along 395 really. We’re mostly small towns and farm land over here with a couple of very small cities to break it up. Our biggest attractions (and about 30-45 minutes south of UConn depending on traffic) are Foxwoods and Mohegan Sun Casinos. Which do offer some great shows if you were interested in that. Actually, now that I think about it, Foxwoods has a fascinating museum that my kids have enjoyed. The Mohegan Pequot Tribal Museum isn’t too big and can be done in a couple of hours but is well done and never crowded. If you wanted to do some light hiking Lantern Hill is just around the corner or the Preston Farms Corn Maze down the road is a lot of fun. I’m sure you could find some great Mexican in the Casino.
  13. We also switched to CLE for my second DD who was really struggling with SM. It was perfect for her. We also skipped quizzes and most of the 01 books to catch up. We didn’t skip tests. At first, I was wanting to make sure that she really had down what she was supposed to have learned. When it became clear that it was “sticking” we kept doing them because the tests turned out to be a huge morale booster for her. After struggling so much with SM she was so excited to see how well she did on the CLE tests. This year we’re switching to MUS. CLE was still working fine but she wasn’t completely caught up to grade level yet and I want her to do MUS for high school. I decided to go ahead and jump over for pre-algebra in 8th grade and see how it goes. Also, I’ll be having my 7th grader do MUS pre-algebra too so I’ll be able to lighten my own load a bit. I’m really hoping it works well for both of them.
  14. You are planning *WAY* too much for English language arts. Do IEW and Fix-It and skip the rest. That covers writing, grammar, and vocabulary. There’s no reason to double up. Actually, with as much Spanish as you’re doing, I’d probably skip English altogether and just do a little writing from history or science.
  15. Haha! Sorry! If it makes you feel any better, the tipping point for me to actually buy MFW this year was that the other, not homeschool related, parts of my life are insane right now and I simply didn’t have the time, energy, or focus available to put together my own thing. I needed something where at least a good deal of the work had already been done for me. Suddenly, MFW went from something I drool over every year to the thing that might (fingers crossed) give us a decent school year next year. I saw the thread where you talked about the geography curriculum you’re putting together. Sounds awesome! Just the sort of thing I’d like to do if I were able. You’ll have to let us know how it goes. 🙂
  16. Me too! I’ve looked at MFW every year since my oldest was in 2nd grade. I’ve recommended it to other people who have used it and loved it. I just didn’t want to be tied down to a plan someone else came up with! I LIKE pulling my own stuff together. This year....I bought MFW for the first time. I’ll have 10th, 8th, 7th, and 5th grades. Older two will be doing 9th grade Ancient History and Literature, youngest two will be doing Exploring Countries and Cultures. I have to say that I LOVE the looks of it even more as it sits on my shelves than I did at a convention or in a catalog. I love that so much of the planning has been done for me. I might actually have time to plan some of the fun extras I never seem to get to! I hope it works out as well as I think it will!
  17. I don’t think Diana Waring is very teacher intensive. It has a variety of ways for a student to demonstrate learning so it *could be writing heavy but it could also be light on writing. There are a lot of options for students to choose from to suit different learning styles and interests. My mom used it with my youngest sister (who hates reading and writing and likes to be active and creative) and it worked quite well for her. You used to be able to get a free sample unit (one month) to try out. I don’t know if they still offer that.
  18. We did Science In the Beginning and really liked it. I haven’t used any others. We like Apologia too but SITB was so much easier to use. We liked the variety in the lessons instead of a year on one topic like Apologia. The lessons weren’t too long and each was clearly defined, the experiments/demonstrations were fun, actually worked, and weren’t overly complicated, and the different projects at the end of each lesson made it easy to use with multiple age groups. The year we used it was definitely our best elementary science year.
  19. We’re doing MFW ECC this year. It’s our first year with MFW but my friends who have used it absolutely LOVED the Exploring Countries and Cultures year.
  20. Has anyone used this? Can you tell me a bit about it? What it is? How it works? If it was useful? I have all our curriculum planned and purchased for next year so I’m not looking for full classes. I was wondering if this would make a good supplement or something for the kids to explore on. Maybe use it for electives for my oldest? It seems like a pretty inexpensive subscription. I’ll probably do the $5 trial to check it out but thought I’d look for reviews from users too.
  21. I’ve been talking to my DD about an elective for next year and I think we’ve decided on music theory. She plays the piano and her teacher, while not doing formal theory, does drill her on scales, key signatures, etc. So we won’t be starting from scratch. I’m looking for a high school level workbook. I don’t think our budget will allow for an online class. I can help her and/or teach it. I teach piano lessons and have used method books like Bastien and Faber for theory but that’s not quite what I’m looking for for a high school theory class.
  22. We’re another family that struggled through a rough 9th grade year. I lot of it was just life, and the rest the simple fact that this DD doesn’t like school and had an extremely difficult time adjusting to needing to put more time and effort into her work. She would rather spend all her time creating whatever pops into her head. (She is currently making a “sword in the stone” out of the cardboard box that came from Amazon yesterday.) I am giving her the entire summer completely off of all school work. I’ve never done that before and it scares me a little but I’m hoping a long break helps. I looked back at wha I posted last year on the 9th grade thread and I changed almost everything by the time we started. Everything for next year has already been purchased so there’s less chance of things changing much. Bible/History/Literature - MFW Ancient History and Literature. This is the 9th grade year but we just did US history and Ancients was up next. She’ll be doing this with DD 8th. Math - We made essentially no progress in math last year. At the end of the year we switched to MUS Algebra 1 and it seemed to be going better although we only got a few weeks in. We’ll review those first weeks and then keep going. I hope this will be a good fit. I was hoping to do something more “rigorous” for high school math but at this point we just need something that makes sense to her and will get done. We’ll most likely be sticking with MUS for her through high school. Science - Horticulture from CLE. She doesn’t care for most Science (to put it mildly) but has seemed interested in gardening and plants/nature. I’m running with that. The book is only scheduled for 2-3 times a week so I’m going to add in some projects and extra reading probably to fill it out. (Many of those projects will be working in the many gardens of our new house so that’s a win for me. 😉) English - In addition to what she’ll be doing with MFW, we’ll keeping working our way through AG. We only got a few weeks into it last year so we’ll review that and then pick up where we left off. I’ll probably split each week into two weeks though so it doesn’t take too long each day. We’re also going to be doing Spelling Power. Spelling hasn’t received the attention it should have during the past few years so we’re going to work on that the year. She’ll be doing both of these with DD 8th as well. Language - ASL She’s been taking a class with some friends for the past year. She loves this. ASL suits her artsy side and class is a good time to socialize with friends. Elective - still undecided. I think I’ll corner her...up, I mean have a conversation with her tonight and make her pick something. Extras - karate, piano lessons, art class, service project. I’m not sure what the service project will be yet but it’s encouraged as part of MFW so I’m going to ask around and see what her options are. I think it’s an excellent idea.
  23. I’m jumping in a little late but I like posting on these threads and then looking back later to see what I changed. Sometimes it’s almost everything! This year I’m posting after I already purchased all of our materials so this is very likely to be the plan we stick with. Bible/History/Literature - MFW Ancient History. This is the 9th grade year and she’ll be doing it with DD 10th. This is the first time I’ve used anything like MFW and 9th grade for my older two seemed like the logical place to put them. Math - MUS Pre-algebra. Math is her weakest subject. We’d been doing CLE and she was about 1/3 of the way through the 6th grade books. I’m hoping this won’t be too much of a stretch. She’ll be doing it with DD 7th. Younger DD is strong in math and nearly finished with SM 6 so she should be fine. I’m hoping putting them together doesn’t cause any problems. Science - Apologia General Science. I really like the looks of the new edition. She’ll be doing this with DD 7th also. English - In addition to what she’ll be doing with MFW, we’ll keep working through AG. Life was crazy last year so we didn’t get far. I think I’ll slow it down and take two weeks for each lesson so that it can be done quickly each day. We still need to work on spelling in our house so we’ll also be doing Spelling Power. She’ll do both of these with DD 10th as well. Elective - Creative Writing. This DD LOVES to write and asked specifically for this. She writes stories with friends that they pass around and I also got her “The Exciting World of Creative Writing” for a little bit of guidance. This will be mostly student-driven. Extras - karate, piano lessons, baking class with Grandma and Grandma’s best friend.
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