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  1. Do you use Outlook at home? It has a great calendar! I use that to sync with my iPad, Galaxy Note and you can print it. Mine is very colorful because I'm very thorough in using coloring coding for all events. That's a super easy way to pull out what you want. You can also use Google Calendar (yes, an evil beast) but you can have a school calendar, holiday calendar, football calendar, whatever you want. You can choose to show all or hide individually. Basically my Outlook syncs via Google Calendar then to my devices (via Calengoo app) but there is a new app called ?upto? or something like that on Apple only. When it is available on Android, I'm probably going to switch. ALL that to say, I love having my techno calendars, but I duplicate it all in my 'trial' "The Well Planned Day" calendar that I got on clearance because they are now outdated. It's just SO PRETTY! I won't be paying their price for it tho :) Kriss
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