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  1. Can I change the topic, just slightly, by asking what is on the loom cd that is not on the loom that I get access to on their website? I purchased TOG yr 1 and yr 2and did nt get the loom cd. I'm not mad at the seller, I guess because I assum it was my responsibility to know what I was purchasing used. However, I'm wondering what I am missing? someone mentioned I can go to TOG and buy another copy? Thanks! ***googled this question and got my answer ;) thank you. I guess I'll go to TOG and see how much this is ;) ***
  2. We ordered ours from Vista Print (cheap AND fast) and if you've never used them before you can usually get a good discount. Check some thrifty blogs for deals. Hip2Save is my fav. We sent them to anyone and everyone! My dd was SO blessed to received FB messages congratulating her and note of encouragment for the future! Blessed her socks off! So many took the time to respond! We didn't expect any to actually come...some surprisingly did, even knowing the HS graduations go on forever.... :) blessed for sure! If you're not participating in a ceremony, then I would say send them to everyone, even more! It's a big transition, one to be proud of your kiddo! It allows others to bless and encourage her too :) just my two (or four) cents :) Kriss
  3. So, the library book has projects, or is it an instruction booklet? Just curious :) I may have to check that out for my lego-headed 12 yo. The actual lab kit isn't an option for us, but maybe the book is inspiring?
  4. I haven't gotten it in yet, but my thought was to maybe try one of these books every quarter, reading aloud together and/or listening to the audio version together, and discussing. Tip toe in :)
  5. thank you! So....how do you even know what to read? You don't have a list? I say my dh is a reluctant reader...but when he does, he always picks monster books. Currently, he is reading Great Expectations and Odyssey (unabridged). These are book he just grabs off the bookshelf. I offered for him to be able to watch some netflix yesterday...I was working on computer stuff, he said, no thanks, I'm reading. (Wow?) With that said, other than Rick Riordan's Percy Jackson series, he has never read anything without me forcing him. I think his desire to read is because we have been discussing how much I wished I had instilled a love for good books in my dd. I'm sure he's heard that :) probably trying to please, although he's not normally that pleasing kid. He does what he wants, because he wants too. Say maybe he's just desiring to improve himself... (happy day) Anyway, how did you find out about the books you are reading...did you read them in school? I didn't. Circe? TWTM? I'm currently listening to ALOT of CIRCE. Every chance I have! Thank you!!!
  6. Well...where to begin? I'm listening to CIRCE to trying to understand. I've read TWTM and it is completely overwhelming. I don't understand all that there is! I have ordered Omnibus I, we are not reformed, so I plan on using it for maybe one book a quarter, because they seem to be so challenging. Being new to real books has been a huge challenge, but we WANT to go there! My son is so willing, but he's not a big reader. He wants to read good literature though (peers are all classical, and I'm understanding now that I should have pushed through and done this with my daughter)...however I'm just lost. I have no idea how to discuss a book with my kiddo. So, i must have a guide. Sonlight seems like it's all fiction? How do you know if a book is 'fiction' or great literature or how its classified? I am very much one of those people that need "How to" for dummies. This year I envision us reading and discussing and reading and discussing and having field trips. My dd is leaving to college, so just ds at home. I can't pull together all that I should be reading though, because I have no idea what are considered the best books, even with every book list in the world..I can't read them all. Tapestry of Grace maybe? I wish there was one curriculum, that MUST include a geography plan, that graduated you through to the best reads after a year or so. Any (and I mean ANY) thoughts would be greatly appreciated :) We are actually not in NW AR :) just over the line in MO though. Nobody would know where we are :) unless you live here. LOL We are north of Pea Ridge.
  7. Just curious if anyone is from the NW Arkansas area. I'm sure I know you if you participate in that activities, but I thought I would check :) Trying to figure out this classical education stuff. Wow..some of the questions asked, I'm asking in my head, but glad I kept them there...yikes. It seems some are so easily offended, that I hesitate to participate. I've had excellent responses to my questions I've posted, but I agonized over them before posting. lol Happy Days when these decisions are all made. My dh said just go back to Abeka! It's easier than dealing with all this headache! Would love to sit & talk with someone newer to this, who won't think I am an idiot for asking. Thanks ~k
  8. So, this Invitation to the Classics is not a book for mom to read about why or how to introduce classics in your education? It's an actual curriculum? I MUST have answers tho...some type. I feel quite inadequate to answer : ) painful truth.
  9. It's on my list..I need to look at it again. Thank you for reminding me! I can't remember why, but I purchased it a couple of years ago, and then ended up just selling it, I think it overwhelmed me. I didn't write down why :) so I can't remember for sure. I will look at it again :) thank you!
  10. Dumb question..but what is a Circe thread? I keep hearing about it, but have no idea what that is :)
  11. This is very interesting! We are not Catholic, so that might be somewhat of an issue, but I would love this in a live environment. :) thanks for posting!
  12. I LOVE this idea, but feel ill equipped to do so. Are you using something as a guide...The Timetables of History, All through the Ages? My ds (12yo/7th gr) loves history (or use to) but has gotten bored. I want him to learn to appreciate great literature (as I myself need to understand as well.) Any thoughts? I need a teacher's guide to discuss any book..I'll read with him, but I'm not a deep thinker by nature. thanks, Kriss
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