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  1. Just thought I'd stop by and update a bit in case anyone is interested. At the very least it helps me to process things a bit. Because I love and want to help my child I've requested an eval through the PS. I joined the local parents group and have only heard how bad it is to deal with the PS regarding learning disabilities. Not one PS parent at the meeting was looking to figure out how to help their child at home. I had an extra deep appreciation for the parents on this forum (I've been reading for years but don't usually have much to say). I have a meeting with the PS this w
  2. This is on our radar screen. My husband has called a few places but since we don't have behavior issues /complaints they advised my DH that they thought, I forget the term, but basically spend our money working with dyslexia specialists who could help identify some of the weaker areas and work on them. This was 2 or 3 offices pointing him in this direction, and all of the places we've called took at least a week to even provide a call back. Two places said they wouldn't see us unless we had testing done through the school system first. One only would test if we were looking for help to g
  3. They sure are! One sure thing that can cause a regression is a virus. I think one mechanism in play there is the effect of viruses on myelin. Demyelination when there's a virus. Stress also impacts myelin but IIRC it's an opposite effect - there is something that there is too much of. Can't remember the name now
  4. Yes, What's interesting is that the Palmer reflex appeared integrated for him but obviously something was still going on. I'm convinced that it was something about using the fingers independently and developing strength independently that helped. Last year I ended up with a herniated disk in my neck (related to car accidents) and as I was healing I noticed that when I played the piano I would sometimes get a pain up a muscle that goes up where my jaw hinges. There's definitely a lot of interconnection in the body that can be difficult to work out. That's why I have evals scheduled with th
  5. Exercise_guru, How are you using MyScript? It looks interesting. My son is using Dragon Naturally speaking so that he can get his ideas out without the spelling/writing component bogging him down (it works when he slows his speech down the right amount), but MyScript looks interesting for some other things or potentially down the road.
  6. Retained reflexes are indeed an interesting topic, and I think your story, exercise_guru, about the tongue jaw disassociation reflex is the most interesting one I've ever heard. My kids are twins and both had torticollis when they were born and I don't know if they would have crawled on their own a lot or not, but PT didn't help us fast enough to fully resolve the issue in time for the crawling months and they both went from rolling to walking. In the process of doing integration exercises DD was complaining of neck pain and so I took her to a special chiro for the upper cervical spine wh
  7. Yesterday I went to an open house at a local "literacy center". I talked to the owner and chatted a little bit with her about one of my kids who has a hard time copying words. I brought it up because I've been thinking about having his working memory tested to see if working memory is the root cause. We talked about his ability to do mental math (excellent), play games that involve working memory (he is excellent at the games she brought up), and other things. Then I told her how hard it was for him to learn our phone number. She told me that she thought this sounded like a symbol proble
  8. I'm investigating the idea of using TTRS with a student who already has some basic typing skills but is just starting Barton. Can both be started at the same time, or does there need to be an off-set? Would it be best to get through Level 1 of Barton before jumping into TTRS?
  9. My 3rd graders love the Murderous Maths book series. I had planned on reading them together but I think they've both read through the series twice now on their own. I still need to read them so I can't comment on quality/content.
  10. What a nice article. He looks happy and content, what a great look for a young man! I hope he continues to find fun an challenging work :-)
  11. I've done this too. The girl who sells in my neighborhood has receipts with her just for this. It ends up being a tax deductible donation (buying cookies is not).
  12. Yes! Economists do talk about this. I don't want to be super boring or get too nerdy but I've been really interested in economics for the past decade I feel like the questions you asked are important ones that there is very little public discussion about. I know you didn't ask about economic history, but there are some things related to the topics you bring up that I feel are important to include in my post. In the U.S. we have a mixed economy - it's not a fully centrally planned economy (think communism or socialism) and it's not a free market. The Federal Reserve (Fed) (our cent
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