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  1. Great list! We've done most of these and loved them. Anyone have recommendations for 12 & 13 year olds?
  2. OMG... I can't believe it, but FIRST just contacted me and our First Lego League robotics team has been offered a place at the International level. We'll be attending a huge tournament with the best teams in South, Central and North America. I really thought we were done for the year and I was taking everything apart. Then I read the email and started screaming 😆 Now it is back to the table. The team says they want to start from scratch and design a new robot, and learn new programming. How will I get them to see the challenges from different angles.... that will be difficult..
  3. The University of Waterloo where we live has Problem of the Week for grades 3-12. It is free and you subscribe. Each week they email you a problem for each grade you've subscribed to. The next week they email you the solutions and the new week's problems. https://www.cemc.uwaterloo.ca/resources/potw.php UofW also has math contests.
  4. My DS has been listening to the local public radio station on Saturday nights right before he falls asleep for a couple of years. He listens very intently to Ideas by Paul Kennedy and won't let us talk while it is on. It was always on in my house when I was a child, but I only half-listened to it. The show is described as 'a radio program on contemporary thought'. The subject matter of the shows varies, but music, philosophy, science, religion, and especially history are common topics. Tonight it is the historian Margaret MacMillan speaking about the impact of war on civilization. I
  5. Just a follow up... we survived FLL Provincials 🙂 I find it always takes me a week or two to get back to my old life! The team won the Teamwork Cup and were pretty happy. Next year will be their final year and best of all my youngest has new goals for next year that don't include coasting... My eldest, who mentored the team, won Provincial Adult Mentor of the Year and was thrilled. I think it helped her in applying to a prestigious STEM summer program in our country. She just received her acceptance letter! One month at a university with 45 other top students and no mom & dad 🙂 I ca
  6. I am still in awe of this... the stitches are perfect!!!!
  7. We just had the FIRST robotics qualifier and my son's team placed very high so they're off to the Provincial (State) competition in January! They also won Best Research, but I'm thinking it was based on the experts they were able to interview (which included 2 astronauts who have been to the ISS) rather than their exhaustive research LOL! They did invent an interesting gadget for the Dragon's Den part of the competition. I was a FIRST Lego League coach again this year, but decided to cut back to coaching one team (a senior team). We changed it up this year and had everyone problem solving
  8. I agree with adding poetry into the mix. Shel Silverstein audiobooks, where Silverstein is doing the reading are great... he has crazy voices. I had things like this playing in the background when they were playiing.. For instance, in "A Light in the Attic" collection, he explains "How not to do the dishes" (ie. break them) or my favourite, "The Homework Machine" in which a boy has finally figured out how to get out of doing homework and it fails... in a funny way. I have always like this site for finding books at a particular levels... Book Wizard Our local library has an "advanced
  9. Not a biggie, but can't share it with any friends, and most of our family members don't want to hear... DS just received a certificate of Distinction for his results in the Beaver Computing math contest at University of Waterloo. His category has 2 grades, and he is in the youngest grade this year... and he was only 2 points short of being in the group of "top-scoring" students for 2018. I'm assuming he'll make it next year? I am mostly happy because he cares to work hard and succeed in math contests now. The good experiences he's had this year with writing contests has improved his
  10. This. I have 2 HG kids, now middle elem. & end of high school. They are both highly motivated, high achieving, happy learners. At age 6? Not so much.... they were motivated, just not to do what I wanted them to do :) Seriously, play-based lessons are completely appropriate for this age. I STILL play with my kids.... just finished building a crazy paper maché mask with my Grade 7 for Halloween. We are learning Python together and building our own video games. Despite their ages, we still have close connection because we played together all of those years. And my kids could see the rea
  11. Just saw this, and it brought back memories :) My kids are in a school board with almost 500 elementary schools. When my eldest was 10 or 11, she wanted to audition for the board-wide string ensemble that would perform in a prestigious concert hall at the end of the year. Even though she had played non-stop for a few years, my first instinct was that she was too young. I said so. That got me nowhere ? She told me she was going, and I would drive her. I supported her in preparing for the audition, and she was very ready. She was using an ancient school violin and a bow with not much hair,
  12. I so remember this - cringing at the choices, but realizing that they were reading them quickly so there was time to push the better books. Rainbow Magic Fairies was, thank goodness, a short phase. I remember finding a better book, then reading them the first chapter and stopping it on a cliff hanger, and then leaving the book on a table for them to find. I don't know why, but I never classify comic books that way... maybe I think of them as entertainment and the reading is a bonus :) My kids are reading First Nations mythology because they've decided they want to write a novel together.
  13. Miss Paul and the President: The Creative Campaign for Women's Right to Vote, by Dean Robbins Also, Connie Brummel Crook did a series on Nellie McClung, an incredible Canadian who performed mock plays of parliament where women were in power and debated whether men deserved to get the right vote, drew fantastic crowds when she spoke and won Canadian women the right to be considered 'persons' under the law in 1927. Hyena in Petticoats: The Story Of Suffragette Nellie Mcclung, Willow Dawson
  14. Just out of curiousity, avilma, how do the US and Canadian tests differ? Also, you can subscribe to the University of Waterloo Problem of the Week, and they email you the ones just for the age groups you request. Solution is sent next week. Love how organized they are. Some school teachers here print them out and have them for kids who finish their math early (of course, they never seem to print out solutions :confused1: )
  15. Whew! Twelve hours of competition.. still limping a week later! Great experience, and it went the way I'd hoped (growth & improvement and some recognition). The kids showed that we'd run the teams the RIGHT way this year... they were completely independent, self advocating, having fun, able to persuasively discuss with judges what they'd learned this year, spent weeks memorizing lines for robot design and project presentations. And we tried all new things this year, so they learned a lot :thumbup: They wanted to win, but they helped others while they competed. In fact, they insist
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