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  1. It runs in my family.  Because women of childbearing age have a menstrual cycle they aren't diagnosed as quickly or have as many medical problems.  The right kind of genetic test can rule you out or in.  Unfortunately, a lot of doctors aren't aware of hemochromatosis and it can register as anemic on standard tests.  It is very simple to treat.  Give blood regularly or have dialysis.  Monitoring your diet and getting your iron levels tested every so often while watching for symptoms helps.  Things that are good for others like cooking on a cast iron skillet would be a bad idea for someone with hemochromatosis.  

  2. Good afternoon, boardies!  

    For anyone interested I wanted to update you with what we decided to purchase.  For 19 year old dd we chose Circe, Till We Have Faces by C.S. Lewis, and the first of the Lady Sherlock series, A Study in Scarlet Women.  For the 22 year old we chose Midwives by Christ Bohjalian, The Daily Connoisseur's book At Home with Madame Chic, and Snow Flower and the Secret Fan.  DD22 is a trained Doula and she introduced me to the Daily Connoisseur's blog and books, but I know she hasn't read this one.  

    Thank you to everyone who made suggestions.  I know I will read quite a few of the suggested titles and will have several recommendations to my daughters when they finish their books. 

  3. The 19 year old loves classic literature.  She's read Les Miserables and many other challenging titles.  My 17 year old just suggested Circe, so I am adding that to her list.  I'd really like to purchase at least one or two more. 

    The 21 year old is a bit harder to buy for.  She loves to read, yet really doesn't have a genre.  In her later teen years she read a lot of dystopian novels like Hunger Games, 1984, etc.  I think she read too many too fast because she switched to much lighter fare for quite a while after.  She moved out on her own earlier in the year, so I don't see what she is reading laying around.  I thought about Handmaid's Tale and Shanghai Girls, but they both include sex scenes which we tend to avoid. It's been a while since I've read either.

    We are Christians and enjoy books by both Christian and non-Christian authors. 

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  4. I cannot believe this is still happening!  My own mother had her uterus cauterized at 16.  My native grandmother was in and out of facilities with a paranoid schizophrenic diagnosis.  The answer was to sterilize my mother.   She remembers being held down while the nurse cried and said to her how she (the nurse) didn't know why he (I'm assuming the acting doctor) was always doing "this" to these young girls.  My mother had miscarriage after miscarriage and a menstrual like cycle the entire time she was pregnant with me.  It is just sickening that this was ever a practice and even more disgusting that it is going on today.  

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  5. A photo album cookbook.  Gather treasured family recipes (bonus points if they are in original handwriting) and put them together in a binder with photos.  It doesn't matter if said relative doesn't cook anymore.


    Edited to add...A photo calendar.  Jot down important dates like children's birthdays or anniversaries and add family photos to the top.  

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  6. To the OP and her original question I don't know if anyone is ever an expert on having a certain number of children or answering clearly rude comments. The comments just reflect the commenters' beliefs, prejudices, and ignorance.  We have 9 children.  When they were younger, we did get comments from relatives and elderly friends, and stares from strangers.  Having more than average can be a challenge, but with it comes blessings and joys that a smaller family may not get to experience.  Four or five children is the cut-off number for the naysayers.  Once you exceed that number people assume you are a hopeless case and quit commenting.  Four is such a fun number of children!  Congratulations on your newest little one!  

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  7. My #@%&* cat has taken to using our carpeted dining area as a litter box.  We have taken her to the vet multiple times, put her on abx, had her checked for urinary issues, tried rx cat food, moving the cat litter, changing the cat litter, you name it.  The overall conclusion is she is acting out. From what?  Who knows!  The vet asked if we've moved furniture, changed anything, etc.  Basically she is being a diva cat.  When we purchased a black-light type urine detector, we discovered just how much of a mess she had been making and there is no amount of carpet cleaner that will remedy the mess. ?  Our only option is to pull the carpet.  Most of our downstairs has beige-ish tile.  Not my favorite, but I am not in a position to remove it or cover it, so the flooring that touches it must look somewhat planned and intentional.  I am thinking laminate, but I don't think I've ever seen laminate next to ceramic tile. I much prefer darker wood looks to lighter woods for flooring, which would look entirely out of place with our buttery yellow walls and off-white trim and beige-ish ceramic tile.  What does the hive recommend?

  8. I used to regularly make pulled bbq pulled pork by first making a roast overnight in the crockpot starting it at 10 or 11 o'clock pm on Saturday night and letting it cook on low until 11:30 am Sunday morning.  After lunch I would put the leftover roast back in the juices in the crockpot with a bottle of bbq sauce.  I would then turn the crockpot again to low and let it cook until 6:30 or so.  Even with the hour-ish of the meat out of the crockpot, therefore not cooking during that time, and all of the added liquid the meat was not very moist at dinner time.  I cannot imagine your cookbook's directions would be correct.  Unless the crockpot had a really low (and unsafe) heating setting, the meat would just be cooked to death!

  9. from posting on my own timeline and have no idea why.  I post nothing controversial.  Nothing!  Nor do I post frequently.  The last time I posted, it was an album of less than 10 photos of our family having a family night with dinner, games, etc.  What on earth could have gotten me blocked?  How long will it likely last?      ******UPDATE #2 POST #6*********


    Additional information

    This is the message located in the area where the texting post box is generally located.

    You’re Temporarily Blocked
    It looks like you were misusing this feature by going too fast. You’ve been blocked from using it.

    Learn more about blocks in the  Help Center.
    *******************************************************************UPDATE #3*********************************************************************************************
    I can't figure out how to change the color box.  I contacted Facebook twice, with no response.  This morning I checked again and everything is back to normal.  So weird!
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