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    One other random thought:  not all ambulances carry epinephrine.  It was one of the things we learned from our allergist - when we travel, we need to be aware that different areas will have different supplies on the ambulance.  Where we live, we have to tell 911 that we have used the epi, and may need more on the way to the hospital.  Even so, the ambulance has arrived to our home *without* epinephrine.  For us, we have extras - that means I ride along and epi if needed, administering myself.   I wonder if the reason all ambulances don't carry it is cost?  Because to have epinephrine on *every* ambulance seems a basic need.


    My brother is a firefighter/emt and his department has recently gone from epipens to ampules of epinephrine and regular syringes due to cost. 


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  2. I don't really understand how anxiety meds work. I mean, if I'm anxious about something, does the medicine just make they physical aspects of anxiety subside? Wouldn't I still be anxious about it if I have my reasons? I was recommended to take them but haven't. I totally get being anxious about it.


    There are lots of different meds used for anxiety, with different mechanisms, some of which are still unknown. If you have external stressors causing anxiety, meds can take the edge off, but they would mostly get you into a headspace in which you can work on the stressors using some type of coping technique. For something like OCD, where the reasons are anxiety are some type of mental glitch or getting stuck, the meds can tamp down the constant obsessions enough for therapy to work. 


    For panic attacks, I actually prefer to use a class of drugs that hasn't been talked about here, beta blockers, because they do work strictly on physical anxiety symptoms. At this point I know what panic attacks are, I've had them for years, so I find the physical symptoms annoying rather than panic-inducing. They seem to come in clusters, so I use the beta blockers to "reset" my body back to normal. 



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  3. Interestingly though, Google says "middle age" is about 45-65, which is well past the midpoint (not many people live to 90, never mind 130).



    Yeah, that's pretty optimistic. I started thinking of myself as middle-aged at about 35. 

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  4. I can't believe you guys can't think of anything that they would want to cover up because off the top of my head, I can think of several things.  There's partying and then there's partying. 


    Adult prostitution is legal in Brazil but underage is not. 


    Male prostitution. Legal but sponsors would have kittens in the uproar. 


    Cocaine or other serious street drugs.  I find it interesting they keep saying they were intoxicated, not drunk. 




    Maybe I'm jaded, but I don't think that any of these would be considered especially worthy of a coverup. In the US, we've had enough politicians and celebrities do these things, or be rumored to have done these things, that we're not surprised when another partakes. 


    I'm not surprised with the story that's out now. What a bunch of jerks. 

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  5. Have you looked at the kids' section of the OCD foundation website


    What type of therapy does your dd's therapist practice? The "let go of the fear" aspect gives me pause. OCD is not a result of subconscious fears, but an extreme overreaction to normal stimuli. The person suffering from OCD is well aware that their behavior is bizarre, but all of the anxiety alarms in the brain are firing at once. Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy (CBT) and a specific subset, exposure and response prevention (ERP) are the "gold standard" treatments for OCD. Brain Lock by Schwartz is a good book for explaining the process. 

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  6. I have a friend whose family was living in Japan when all of her children were born, and her kids love natto. She posts pics on facebook of her children gleefully slurping down huge platefuls. Maybe you have to grow up with it? 

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  7. I would eat the eggs. When I was a kid we would dye Easter eggs, my parents would hide them that night, we'd find them the next morning, and we would arrange them in baskets. They got thrown in the fridge sometime Easter night or even the next morning. 


    The amount of food we waste is shameful. A few days ago I threw away a couple pounds of chicken that went off in the fridge. That hurt. 

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  8. Costco is awesome around here--even when it's crowded, the checkout lines run quickly and smoothly. Walmart is awful. Surly employees, never enough registers open, awkward parking lot. I try to avoid it. 


    Costco has high-quality products for the most part, but I've noticed that their produce has gone downhill. That seems to be everywhere, though--I haven't found a store with good produce lately. Maybe I need to try the QFC. You do have to know your prices--they aren't always the lowest. I find the best deals are on eggs, milk, generic drugs, and some frozen foods. 


    Not just my opinion.





    a person who denies or disbelieves the existence of a supreme being or beings.


    a :  a disbelief in the existence of deity
    b :  the doctrine that there is no deity





    Instead of "real atheist" maybe "polite atheist" or "reasonable atheist" would be more accurate? Being a twit is an equal-opportunity vocation. I've known real atheists who are twits, real Christians who are twits, real Muslims who are twits, etc. It doesn't negate their belief system, it just makes them annoying. :)

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  10. Thank you for your replies. I should have read the entire guide before I posted--it turns out that at P's level, the math story problems are read aloud anyway. Most of the sections are untimed. The vocab section consists of line drawings with four word choices to best describe the drawing, so I'm comfortable reading him the choices. Our usual schedule is to alternate doing school subjects with outside play, games, art, etc, so we'll continue with that. The guide suggests two short testing sessions per day, so it won't be onerous. I think that parts of it will even be enjoyable to him. I was rolling my eyes at some of the social studies pictures, and can't wait for the sarcastic remarks he comes up with.  :laugh:

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