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  1. It's probably common, among certain groups. In my mind, the people who would frequent strip clubs would be guys who are kind of slimy, used car salesman types who go around slapping each other on the backs and yelling "Boo-yah!" It just seems really tacky to me. 

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  2. I'm sure that everyone else has better answers, but I think that I'm a cautionary tale about this type of habit. I was in a gifted program as a youngster, but in hindsight I was decently bright but not actually gifted. I was able to skate by through high school, and to some extent college, quit grad school, worked a series of dead-end, minimum wage jobs, and have tried to go back to school a couple of times for vocational programs, but never finished anything. Now I'm attempting to homeschool my kids, but it is not going well. I have no job skills. I wish that at some point I would have understood that I was developing a habit of laziness and that it could lead nowhere but bad places. At this point, with three young children, I don't know how to un-ruin my life. 

  3. I need to go back and get the address so that I can call animal control, but I don't trust myself right now. I'm still in the "thinking murderous thoughts" state of adrenaline high. Lol. Fortunately, the dog didn't get any bites in. I'm just glad my kids weren't with me--if one of the had been bitten I'd probably be on the news. 

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  4. Got charged by mean dog during our walk :( We are ok, but we have a big dog (white German shepherd)...not a good idea to charge at him. Anyway, thank God nothing happened




    Hey, it's a trend today. We got attacked today too--and then the lady whose dog tried to attack mine yelled at me when I slipped and said a bad word.


  5. I've never done these threads before, but I need some accountability. So....



    weight watchers meeting (dreading this--I think I gained back all the weight I lost in two months over the past week.  :crying: )

    pick up some hot glue sticks and some hand soap at Joann. (not yarn, not yarn, not yarn....)

    meal planning. I have to take stock of what I have and plan for the rest of the month. We have a metric ton of food. I just have to cook it. 

    work on a project with the kids. 


    school planning. what the heck am I going to do with these kids this year?  :laugh:

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  6. I think that the sycamore fruits are pretty dry, aren't they? Little fuzzy-looking balls. So no soft smashed stinky fruit to slip on in the garden. I like gingko trees, but only the male trees, due to the stinky fruit factor. 

  7. Well, first of all, I should mention that I no longer attend that church since we moved a few weeks ago.


    But also, there's no history of violent events that I'm aware of. However, it's not uncommon here for the larger mega-churches to have armed guards on campus.


    Interesting. I'd never thought of that. 


    No mega-churches near Big Bend?  :laugh:  How far do you have to drive to find a mini-church? 

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  8. I bet someone has to die before a shelving job becomes available.



    When I was in college I worked in the behind-the-scenes areas of the school library, doing things like shelving, assigning lc numbers to books and applying shelf tags, binding periodicals together by years, etc. I have often thought I would like to do that again. 

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  9. All the ushers I've ever seen at our downtown parish, where an usher is not infrequently called on to be a bouncer, have been men. Burly men, with calm demeanors.


    I have to say, I have never attended a church with a bouncer. I think I'm missing something good.  :laugh:

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  10. Both my former church, which does not ordain women, and my current church, which does ordain women, have female ushers. I've never thought of ushering as being a leadership activity, but maybe at some churches the ushers do more than greet churchgoers and pass out bulletins? 


    Edited to add: Ah, I see Bolt's post above about serving communion, so that was what I was missing. At my former church, deacons helped the pastor serve communion, and at my current church....well, I'm not sure. It's a huge church, a new denomination to me, and I'm not sure exactly what position everyone holds! 

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