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  1. As I do my quarterly overhaul (lol, not really, but it feels like it sometimes!) of our homeschool, I am wondering if anybody has used a set of hourglass-style egg timers to help their kids with EF issues be better able to estimate time elapsed or needed for a task, or to encourage focus for set amounts of time. I am looking at a set that contains 30s, 1m, 2m, 3m, 5m, and 10m timers. This style of timer seems like a good concrete representation of various amounts of time, and seems like it would be useful for chopping unpleasant tasks into manageable bites. Has anyone used these or something similar? Thanks. :)


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  2. I am watching this thread with interest. My 5 y/o has some challenging behaviors, and I was starting to wonder if the fish oil was exacerbating some of his issues. I kept thinking, no, fish oil is good for the brain....but it seemed that every time I got consistent with the fish oil, he got a little more exciting. lol Fish oil does seem to help my 8 y/o with focus, so he will continue on it, but I'm not dosing the youngers anymore. 

  3. It depends. For shoes, I'd say yes. I've been wearing my Born clogs for years, and my sons' Bogs boots are just amazing. They had been wearing through a pair of Western Chief boots about every month, but my 8 y/o has worn Bogs rainboots for about a year, and my 5 y/o has worn his winter boots for two winters. For jeans, my experience is no. I bought a pair of $100 jeans made by a well-known brand, and they were threadbare in 6 months. Old Navy jeans can last me for several years. 

  4. The epipen I ordered from Canada Pharmacy had an expiration date of a year from the date sent. I asked C's allergist about the generic epinephrine injector, but he doesn't prescribe it because epipens are the standard injector that everyone knows how to use. His concern is that in an emergency, an unfamiliar injector could cause a fatal delay in epinephrine administration. 

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  5. My dad would always say aiggs instead of eggs.  In fact, most of his short e sounds sounded more like long "a".


    I think a lot of people have quirks.  I am positive I must have quirks, too.   :)


    Interesting. I say aiggs for eggs. I have to be very careful when eggs comes up in a reading passage that I don't pronounce it funny and confuse my son.  :laugh:


    And I just remembered being teased mercilessly by a friend and her mom (!) for saying baig for bag. Guess I like long a. 


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    I don't know. I spent well over an hour yesterday convincing a scanner to give me output in pdf instead of jpeg. It's hard to imagine super achievers wasting their time like this but I'm having a hard time figuring out exactly what a super achiever would do instead, other than know better than to buy a Samsung scanner. Silly me, they'd use their engineering knowledge to fix it in 5 mins.... 




    They call tech support at whatever institution employs them. And while they wait for tech support, they write a grant application, swim 50 laps, and take their children to a museum.  :lol:

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  7. Mystery Bundle contents---for those who would rather be surprised, I've put it in white text so you can scroll by without seeing it.  Just highlight it to read.


    Spoiler below:




    Thank you for this--the mystery bundle contains several things I want, and some bits and pieces that we can use as filler, so I'll be picking it up. :)

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