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  1. I wonder if that was just your school. We never had recess cancelled in Washington or Oregon for rain--in California once or twice for smog, but not rain. I graduated in 1995.

    Another '95 grad, Seattle/Tacoma area, and I remember recess in the gym when the rain got too heavy. And watching the same dumb movies over and over after lunch for a week at a time during stormy stretches. If I never see The Red Balloon again it'll be too soon!

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  2. Apples and Pears is working well for my 8 y/o. I'm not sure why or how it works, but he can magically decide whether to use l or ll, c, k, or ck, etc. I made letter tiles for him, one color for single letters, another for digraphs, so it's a bit more multisensory than usual. We are also using sandpaper word cards for difficult-to-remember patterns. 


    Rod and Staff math. He has math issues--either dyscalculia or nvld-related math problems, but he recently scored at grade level in a math computation assessment. :) 



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  3. Thank you! We are partway through LiPS, and I am looking toward what we introduce next. Out of curiosity, I gave P the Barton screening again, and he did worse this time than the first time.  :confused1:  His recent evaluation showed that his working memory is not so hot, and I am concerned that he will not be able to pass the Barton screen even after finishing all of the sounds in LiPS. 

  4. She advised me to get the kit but she apparently feels the workbooks (which are supplemental to the kit) are not worth the cost. The kit costs $450 while I was able to get a new-but-shelfworn copy of the manual from Gander's Amazon store for around $50. I'll have to make the cards myself but I'm willing to put in the time to save $400.


    Have you had a chance to peruse the manual yet? I made the cards for the LiPS program, but I am wondering if making the cards is possible for Seeing Stars. There are an awful lot of cards, and from the short video on the Lindamood-Bell page, it seems that the scripts for using the cards are on the cards themselves. Does the Seeing Stars manual contain lists of all of the words and affixes on the cards? Thank you! 

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