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  1. kiana, on 13 Jul 2016 - 06:44 AM, said:


     There's research showing that really, each pound of fat is only good for a maximum of 31 calories/day under optimal conditions, so the rate at which you can actually lose fat is constrained by this.

    Could you please elaborate on this further? That would mean it takes over 100 days to lose one lb of fat, which contains 3,500 cal. Somehow that cannot be right.


    It sounds about right to me--if someone has 50 pounds of fat to lose, those 50 pounds can liberate about 1550 calories per day. In a week that would be just over three pounds. If you only have one pound of fat, you really shouldn't try to lose it.  :)

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  2. Is this a normal usage of the word trespass?  I'm reading our little local paper and there are two examples of this usage in their "Police blotter".  In one, a man wanted another man "trespassed from" a sidewalk where he was harassing him and in the other, a woman was "trespassed from" our local grocery store after she was found shoplifting.  Did our little local paper make up this usage or have I been living under a rock? 


    I am familiar with this usage from working retail. I think it's just easier to say "tresspassed from" X than "was charged with trespassing and is is no longer allowed to visit X under threat of additional charges."

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  3. Dh runs a test lab here but also communicates daily with the test lab in India. We've grown to love their phrase 'do the needful'.   We use it all the time. An example- the kitchen hasn't been cleaned. I tell my kid 'do the needful'. 


    Thanks to your post, I used this one last night when I was trying to do several things at once plus tell the kids what they were supposed to do. They gave me a look, but knew what I meant. :)

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  4. I didn't say it was bad. I do think it's a little .... paranoid? I mean, packages are much more likely delivered than lost, especially if you can confirm shipment if you feel concerned. But it's not bad to be concerned.


    I don't know--I've received an awful lot of packages with delivery confirmation that were addressed to the same address one street over. On the plus side, I've gotten to know more neighbors than I otherwise would have.  :lol:


    But if I wanted to know if a package had arrived, I'd just text and ask. 

  5. It's a running joke at my house that which ever kid is cleaning is my favorite kid.


    Yep, this. I often tell my kids "You're my favorite 8 y/o." Or "You're my favorite daughter." (2 boys, 1 girl.) Sometimes i joke with my dh that whoever isn't three is my favorite. Our current 3 y/o has changed my perception of 3, though. I'm not sure if she's actually less of a pill, or if by the third 3 y/o I've just relaxed a bit and have fewer buttons left to be pushed?

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  6. I can see both sides of the argument. I have a neighbor who has quit smoking by switching to ecigs and gradually reducing the amount of nicotine. She still vapes flavored solution though--I guess part of the habit is just the physical act? The secondhand vapor doesn't bother me--it's much less irritating than smoke. On the other hand, I'm in a state where marijuana is legal, and while smoking weed in public is illegal, vaping in public is not, and who knows what's in the juice? I don't know about the cool factor--I think that vaping looks kind of silly, but I also think that the blown-glass marijuana pipes look silly, and people seem to like those, so what do I know? I was always confused by the anarchist-types at my college who hated big corporations, and sat around complaining about "the man" while smoking their camels, so I think that I just don't understand the kind of "cool" associated with smoking. 

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  7. I have lived on the west coast for more than fifteen years, but every time I talk to one of my midwest friends and they mention a particular hardware store, the jingle runs through my mind on repeat for the next day or so.  Whoever wrote the little "Save big money at Menards!" bit was an evil genius. 


    Do you have a jingle that takes over your brain? 

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  8. The whole thank-you-note-industrial-complex makes me so anxious. Do I sound appreciative enough? Is my handwriting nice enough? Did I take too long procrastinating while I stewed about what to write? I don't like getting them, either--I worry that the gift recipient will have the same anxiety I feel about writing them. I want to give a gift, not an obligation. I have started giving gifts secretly so nobody worries about writing them. Although now that I think about it, maybe people are anxious getting unsigned gifts because maybe it's from great-aunt Mabel who will judge them for not writing a note, and the card got lost, and they have to avoid great-aunt Mabel for the next three family funerals. Something else to worry about. 

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