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  1. Unfortunately, I understand. At this point I would be happy if just the dogs who are known to bite were kept leashed. I can deal with the slobbery annoying ones. OP, did you get medical care for your wounds? If your bite was from the other dog, your medical insurance might go after the dog-owner's home insurance. 

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  2. Ask a teacher for a recommendation before buying a cheap instrument. There are a lot of really crummy instruments on the market--keys bend or break, then can't be repaired. On the other hand, there are a lot of solid beginner instruments on the shopgoodwill site that are extremely cheap and could be great for beginners. Brand matters with student-level instruments.


    Flute, clarinet, trumpet, and trombone are probably the least expensive band instruments for getting started. Saxes are a bit more, double reed instruments are expensive, plus the cost of reeds, and beginners go through a bunch. 

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  3. IMO it would be better for your daughter to see you and your dh on the same page.  Figure out what that page is and support each other on it.


    Because if there's anything better than having one parent tell you that you look trashy, it's having both parents tell you that you look trashy!

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  4. How does one learn how to get a decent job? I have a MS but have never had a job that paid more than $10 an hour. I have zero charisma, and was once told at a temp agency because I wasn't qualified for their lowest-tier job, a receptionist position. I never had a good job---just crummy service-industry jobs after my degrees, and now I've been out of the job market for 9 years. My biggest fear is that my husband will leave and have full custody of the kids because I'll be living in a cardboard box. 

  5. The syringes are from random junkies throwing them out of car windows, I'd guess. The problem isn't centered around one particular house. I have called the police to come pick up syringes that are on my property--I'm not going near them!


    The dog is another story. Frankly, my biggest concern about taking action is retaliation from the dog's owners. I've considered making an anonymous complaint to the property management company. I suspect that if they knew a tenant had a documented dangerous dog, their insurance company wouldn't cover any future incidents, and something would have to change. 

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  6. I really don't think that I am an unreasonable neighbor. I really don't care if you paint your house in neon colors, have a lush dandelion forest in your front yard, or park your car in front of my house. Whatever.


    There are two things that people around here do, however, that make me see red. I turn into an complete misanthropic a-hole and start muttering about moving to an area with fewer than 5 people per sq. mile. 


    1. Throwing syringes on the ground. Seriously. WTF. Nobody wants your sharp biohazards in their yards, in the park, etc. I try to have sympathy for people struggling with addiction, but when they leave sharp little HIV/hepatitis bombs lying around, all bets are off. Holy shit.


    2. Letting your dog (especially if it has a history of biting!) run loose in the neighborhood. I do not want my kids being bit. I do not want my kids stepping in your dog's crap. If you can't keep your dog contained, find it a new home. I am seriously considering acquiring a firearm to protect my kids from vicious dogs. If you can't be bothered to keep your dog contained, especially when you are required by law to keep it in because it sent a kids to the er for a bunch of stitches last summer, you obviously don't really care about it, or anyone else in the neighborhood. Please DIAF and take your dog too.


    Now that that's off my chest, I don't actually feel better because I still have to watch for dogs and syringes every time I step outside my door. Crap.

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  7. I have recognized people who I know irl, and many who I "know" from other forums. Some people have such distinctive posting styles (or overly specific signatures :huh: ) that it's easy to find them all over the web. Once in a while I'm surprised when I see someone from one of my "main" forums at one of my "secondary" forums--I've recognized people from parenting or hsing forums at a low carb forum, a dollhouse miniatures forum, and an Appalachian dulcimer forum! 

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  8. I was not diagnosed with one of those problems. It's probably worth mentioning that I am in a state in which NDs are licensed. My impression is that in many states it is possible to buy a ND degree from a degree mill, hang out a shingle, and start giving people terrible advice.  :glare:  

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  9. As I do my quarterly overhaul (lol, not really, but it feels like it sometimes!) of our homeschool, I am wondering if anybody has used a set of hourglass-style egg timers to help their kids with EF issues be better able to estimate time elapsed or needed for a task, or to encourage focus for set amounts of time. I am looking at a set that contains 30s, 1m, 2m, 3m, 5m, and 10m timers. This style of timer seems like a good concrete representation of various amounts of time, and seems like it would be useful for chopping unpleasant tasks into manageable bites. Has anyone used these or something similar? Thanks. :)


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  10. I am watching this thread with interest. My 5 y/o has some challenging behaviors, and I was starting to wonder if the fish oil was exacerbating some of his issues. I kept thinking, no, fish oil is good for the brain....but it seemed that every time I got consistent with the fish oil, he got a little more exciting. lol Fish oil does seem to help my 8 y/o with focus, so he will continue on it, but I'm not dosing the youngers anymore. 

  11. It depends. For shoes, I'd say yes. I've been wearing my Born clogs for years, and my sons' Bogs boots are just amazing. They had been wearing through a pair of Western Chief boots about every month, but my 8 y/o has worn Bogs rainboots for about a year, and my 5 y/o has worn his winter boots for two winters. For jeans, my experience is no. I bought a pair of $100 jeans made by a well-known brand, and they were threadbare in 6 months. Old Navy jeans can last me for several years. 

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