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  1. My daughter just finished BJU 2nd grade distance learning online. I now have 3rd grade and kindergarten for both kids this year. I work full time and DLO allows me to continue to homeschool my kids!! We all love it. It is thorough, structured, and mom and student friendly!
  2. I am going to add in Spangler Science kits! (Doing BJU Distance online)
  3. All BJU Distance Learning online for: Math Reading English Spelling History Science Teaching hearts, training minds + What's in the Bible DVDs for Bible (I work pretty much full time and distance learning allows me to homeschool my kiddies.)
  4. I taught first and third. Right now we are doing BJU distance leaning and I love it due to the great fit for our family's lifestyle and schedule. I have also enjoyed MFW1st and Sonlight for kinder. I dislike teaching at home so I prefer BJU online bc it allows me to be MOM!!
  5. My mother was a green-eyed lefty but did other things with her right hand. My father in law is a green-eyed lefty, too. I have brown eyes, hubby has very blue eyes, and my kids are both green-eyed rightys.
  6. I chose CC and A (b/c I had to...). We use a separate history program.
  7. We have just started our first year with BJU online. 2nd grade. So far we are all in LOVE. My dd asks to do school...does it all on her own (with questions directed to me whenever she needs help). We have the K4 but my 4 year old isn't quite ready...but it's good, too. I wish I had done this from kinder...It allows me to be MOM. No guilt about not teaching my kids. I'm still in control of her learning. The mom's minutes keep me updated on what she's learning and how I can facilitate. The teachers are always pleasant and kind, stay on topic, and have awesome demonstrations and visual aids (puppets and songs and games...), and they have MORE energy than I do as the teacher. LOL Love it!
  8. I do! My husband works nights and I am a Realtor. I've been very busy this year (8 closings/month) and it has been very, very tough. We contemplated public school and even private but don't feel that's right for our family. For this school year, we are switching to something that is NOT teacher intensive. We are using BJU online streaming for all classes. I can be mom and work, too. My job is flexible though...I can say no or work late or from home... I am looking forward to the online lessons. I think even if I didn't work they would be something I'd be interested in...
  9. I think it would work best for us right now. I don't want to send my kids to full day, out-of-the-home school so video/online is our best option now. I'm looking into BJU online also.
  10. I'm also looking at BJU online and Oak Meadow says online is currently unavailable.
  11. I work full time and my husband works full time also. We work opposite shifts so homeschooling works for us but we need something like abeka academy.
  12. I'd be interested but I think I'm going to do it for kinder which would be fall 2015.
  13. Thanks for this! I had originally decided to do MFW K when he turns 5 for his actual kinder year, but I have a friend who is going to use it for pre-k... Anyway, I think I'm going to just keep doing what we're doing...which is totally laid back and just play and read for pre-k. I love, LOVE MFW 1 for my daughter, but the math is light but she loves "school" and I love what she's learning. I have to keep reminding myself that my children only get to be kids once...and if they are advanced and gifted in math (or another subject) then easy elementary years aren't going to hold them back. They can enjoy their childhoods and then hit the grind as they get older. Thanks for the reminder. :)
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