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  1. One teacher has posted two blog posts with some helpful info. she is also offering to finish certain classes herself : http://www.candlestarservices.com/blog/
  2. Hi all, I was wondering if anyone is aware of a yahoo group (or other group) for people using the Cover Story Writing curriculum. I know that there are similar groups for other curriculum (Like the IEW yahoo group) and it has really helped us in the past to get ideas and feedback from other people using the same program. . Thanks in advance!
  3. We accomplished a few things this week http://shelznh.blogspot.com/2013/10/getting-in-groove.html
  4. Hi there, I am curious if any of you have kids who blog? My kids are both interested in blogging and I thought it might be fun for them to read or follow blogs by other kids. I figured that there must be some homeschooled kids out there who blog...? Thanks so much!
  5. It was our Week 1! We just didn't want to say goodbye to summer this year. Anyway, it was a light week as we waited for several of our supplies and books to arrive :)
  6. We also used Guest Hollow a few years back. It was our most successful science year. We found most of the books at the library or ILL http://www.guesthollow.com/homeschool/science/otters_science/otters_science_main.html
  7. Hello there, I have never used MUS before. I used RightStart A - C with my son and then Singapore through 6B for the rest of the years. He is now grade 8 and someone gave me MUS Pre-algebra complete package. I'd love to make use of this free blessing but I am not sure I can. With RightStart for instance, you can't just start using it if you've never used it before. You have to do transition lessons to get you thinking and doing math in the "RightStart way". Is this the case for MUS too? Doesn't he need to learn to use the rods and stuff first? Or could we jump right in to the Pre-Algebra program without problems? opinions would be great! Thank you so much. Originally I was planning to do Video Text this year. I could still sell this program and get Video Text but I'm not sure if MUS might end up being a good match for us after all? Thanks!
  8. I am interested in this as well. Is it still available? Is there a new group forming?
  9. I am looking for a piano curriculum. I am willing to spend some money if need be. I know that there are some keyboards that plug into your PC or whatnot. Has anyone had any experience with these. I want some music instruction for my kids but with gymnastics, boy scouts, co-op, CBS, blah blah blah I really would like to keep it at home at least for now until or unless one of my kids showed real interest in taking it further.. My children are 9 and 12 Any shared experiences would be great! Thank you!
  10. I just finished the Explode the Code A, B & C books with my five year old. They did a great job of helping to teach her the consonant sounds. I never used these books with my older kids but they seem to really work with her. Unfortunately I am now confused. Is there a book for learning the vowel sounds? I don't think she is ready for book 1 as that says it assumes they know all of their sounds including vowels. Obviously I can come up with my own stuff but she likes the books so much I wanted to stay with that. Do they really skip the whole vowel thing...any similar printable worksheets anywhere for vowels? TIA!
  11. I have a barely 11 yo son who has finished Singapore 6A. I am planning to start the year with 6B but I am not sure where to go from there. A friend of mine recommended going with Video Text Algebra but he seems so young to start that. I am pondering doing RightStart Geometry which apparently also uses Video Text somehow... He has a mathy -engineering type brain but he doesn't particularly enjoy math. Any ideas would be great because I am at a loss. p.s. also considering Hands On Equations
  12. Are you referring to Essential Math Kindergarten A & B books? I am really interested since the version of Singapore Early Birds that I used with my older kids has apparently been discontinuedt. I ordered the new EB version this year but wasn't too happy with it..
  13. Projects to do together sounds interesting. Can you give me some examples of projects that you make them do together please?
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