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  1. Thank you for your replies. She has decided to take Spanish and not work quite so hard!
  2. I remember seeing that TarynB, but wasn't sure how to find it. Thank you!! It figures that my husband is from Oklahoma (we now live in Tennessee), but is a University of Oklahoma fan and does not care for O State. I can hear it now if she takes this course!!! :lol:
  3. My dd is starting 11th grade in the fall and wants to learn German as her 2 credits for foreign language. We did the Latin First Form series in elementary and middle school (all four of them), so I was hoping she would choose a Romantic Language. I don't know anything about German, so we need to do something without me. Are my options only Rosetta Stone or an online course? She prefers to do something more self-paced as she will have 2 demanding co-op courses this year, but I know she should get used to juggling her subjects before college. Any thoughts?
  4. I just checked Amazon and they are saying WWS3 will be available this November. Most of the time PHP puts the first 10 weeks online close to release date. Sheri
  5. She has Kilgallon, Sentence Composing for Middle School noted to do in fourth grade if you have completed WWE3.
  6. I love R&S for grammar. For writing I think I would go back to WWE4 and make sure narration and dictation were under control. Your 7th grader will probably go through it pretty fast unless they need work here. WWS1 assumes you have this down. Sheri
  7. Susan, I am curious as to why you didn't recommend any of the Classical Composition books after WWS3. Sheri
  8. Susan, My dd is 13 and has written several (over 100 written pg.) books on her own. (Creative Writing) I have read very little of these, because she will not let me. (I think she is afraid I will correct everything!) I did read a page that was left up on the computer one day. It was pretty good. She hated WWS1 and now hates WWS2, but I feel like she needs to learn how to write these kinds of papers with documentation, etc. Am I doing her a disservice by keeping her in this program? Your WWS books seem so logical and perfect for me, but I am not the student of course. I don't care for IEW. Any suggestions? Thanks, Sheri
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