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  1. I just checked Amazon and they are saying WWS3 will be available this November. Most of the time PHP puts the first 10 weeks online close to release date. Sheri
  2. She has Kilgallon, Sentence Composing for Middle School noted to do in fourth grade if you have completed WWE3.
  3. I love R&S for grammar. For writing I think I would go back to WWE4 and make sure narration and dictation were under control. Your 7th grader will probably go through it pretty fast unless they need work here. WWS1 assumes you have this down. Sheri
  4. Susan, I am curious as to why you didn't recommend any of the Classical Composition books after WWS3. Sheri
  5. Susan, My dd is 13 and has written several (over 100 written pg.) books on her own. (Creative Writing) I have read very little of these, because she will not let me. (I think she is afraid I will correct everything!) I did read a page that was left up on the computer one day. It was pretty good. She hated WWS1 and now hates WWS2, but I feel like she needs to learn how to write these kinds of papers with documentation, etc. Am I doing her a disservice by keeping her in this program? Your WWS books seem so logical and perfect for me, but I am not the student of course. I don't care for I
  6. I want to do introductory Geography next year for my dd who will be in 1st grade and wondered what has worked for you.
  7. My dd in K is basically tagging along with her big sis (3rd grade) in Astronomy and Earth Science. It is not required at all, but she has picked up MUCH more than I thought. My older dd didn't do a structured science in K and she loves science now.
  8. I use God's Design (Answers in Genesis). It has many different science fields of study available and is from a Young Earth Creation viewpoint. It is thorough and has experiments with almost every lesson. The materials needed are mostly things you already have around the house. Each lesson takes about 30 minutes depending on age level and depth you desire. Each book has 36 lessons. There are 12 books total (I think). You can do it 3 times per week and do it in four years. We started in 1st grade and did it once per week and in 2nd grade we do two times per week (two books per year). Th
  9. My dd started Prima Latina in 2nd grade and is doing Latina Christiana now (3rd grade). It goes along with her English grammar pretty well, but it is a discipline for me. Susan Wise Bauer recommends doing Latin first and then a Modern Romantic Language will be so much easier. She has a schedule in The Well Trained Mind with many options. I may start my next dd in 3rd grade with Prima Latina because she doesn't memorize as well...we'll see how it goes. Getting a song curriculum first when they are younger might be good, but when it comes to Latin, you just have to drill everyday. Kids are
  10. We did exactly the same thing with my dd 5 1/2 years old. She is working the Memoria Copybook I right now. I plan to do printing next year also because come 2nd grade, she'll need a little speed in writing in order to do her other subjects. I plan to do cursive in 2nd grade if all goes well and will continue printing for assignments. Probably 3rd grade she will do her assignments in cursive.
  11. Sue your analysis was amazing. I am using MUS with my 2 dd. One has used it from Alpha to Delta and the other is in Alpha. My older dd started kindergarten in alpha as is my younger. That would put us in Algebra in 7th grade. You said you didn't like MUS so much for algebra and I have heard that before. Are you happy with Foerster's Alg? If my dd gets through pre-alg in MUS, would she be ready for a more rigorous algebra curriculum or should she take a year with something else before starting algebra?
  12. I have to admit I have an undergraduate degree in Biology and a master's in Physical Thereapy so I might have a little bit different perspective. I get so excited when we do science. I looked at the Apologia elementary books and decided on GD also because it covered more areas of science. I also love AiG, so it was a no brainer. However, I like Apologia for the 7th grade and up texts and plan to use them. So far I have been through the three books in the Life series and just finished the Universe book. I am looking forward to doing Our Planet Earth. Each book has been very thorough. I
  13. The cards are part of the curriculum. There is a text that goes along with the cards. It is called the "Teacher's Manual" for each year, but it is also the student text. It is meant to be used with 2nd - 6th grades. It would be too much for most first graders. It does not correlate with the WTM order of learning history. VP lengthens the grammar stage and shortens the logic and rhetoric stages, but in the end you do repeat your history etc. for each part of the trivium. There is a separate Bible and History curriculum that uses the same format. The text has projects and activities that
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