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  1. thank for the Mallorie I will go look into that. I am still not familiar with all the abbreviations so I plan to look it up. For DS 7, he is pretty far beyond the typical 2nd grade and he does NOT like extra fun things. Get to the point, give me a list, black and white text, etc. DD: anything that sparkles or has pictures or activity based is right on, but she is only 5. I guess i just need something basic. Maybe DD would have fun with the all about spelling, though it is pricey! I guess I could just stick with ETC workbook for her. SHe likes it and does it without trouble all on h
  2. Thank you! I think I may order all about spelling. I already have the spelling workout books A and B. DS would be ok doing the end part of B, which i had him do today and he said "this looks totally boring." LOL I have considered just gathering spelling lists of useful words or ones that are commonly miss spelled and go that way with him. He worked all through Explode the code 6 and is a pretty good speller. He just really tires of workbooks, so maybe the AAS would be a good fit. If not i'll add it to my sell pile LOL!
  3. Hmmm well after I posted I looked further through the book. Maybe we should start somewhere in the middle just to get used to the format and do a page a day or two at a time a few times a week. I also realized there are big holes in the ETC as in they do not explain in the student books what a contraction are and such early enough. I think I need to better plan the language arts week so we are hitting everything but not over doing it.
  4. I'm new here, not sure why I haven't become a part of this board before! I think I am afraid of sitting at the computer too much reading posts lol. I am setting time limits for myself... I guess we are classical educators. I love the book, though not everything works at the same time or in the exact order so I end up feeling like I do not belong LOL. Take spelling. My kids are both natural spellers. I've never had a terrible amount of reading, writing, and spelling in the same day as they feel overloaded and the work is not great in return. I am finding the Spelling workouts to be t
  5. OMG I'm laughing LOL!!! I live within 5 miles of my parents, and since I can remember, my dad is worse than the guy on Christmas vacation, and we are close behind. My kids are obsessed with Christmas, we all are. I don't know what it is. It's NOT just the presents LOL!!! It's like once summer is over we are in Christmas mode. My mom and I joke about putting up the tree because every year we swear we will wait until after thanksgiving. My dad gets up the ladder I swear an extra week early each year. His neighbors think it's hilarious, but he started a trend and now the whole street gets tra
  6. Bill thanks for your input it is reassuring! I have to tell you, my husband seriously taught this to me and I am a grown up graduated college with good grades and all LOL! I was NEVER taught regrouping. I focused on math facts up until 10 and then being able to regroup, or make ten/complete the next ten and it made a world of difference. At one point it seemed we took a step back because it does take a while to learn, but then DS grew leaps and bounds! He's 7 whizzing through math 3rd grade now. He STILL does not have everything memorized, but he is very quick at regrouping and uses strat
  7. i must have not read close enough i missed that he is 9! Well, it's all good advice. The attitude problem is tough because who wants to be around a complaining kid! My DS will do JUST enough to eek by LOL. He is VERY clever.
  8. This is my first post.....I have gone through these things with my DS (2nd grade). I discovered he is a little bit slow to write. He is very bright, reads at a high level, but I have discovered that he still basically "draws" when he writes. We are going through the HWWT printing blue book. I NEVER sat down with him while doing this (shame on me) until a few weeks ago. It's the one thing I"ve always felt confident was pretty straight forward and didn't need me standing over him. The other day we were doing the letter "Y." I suggested he just tried to write it quickly and see how it c
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