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  1. I would much rather focus on a few classes each half of the year vs dragging each one out over two semesters. Our local high school uses block scheduling, and it's great, IMO. Are there online high school courses available like this?
  2. That's great to hear! What's the deal with their proctored exams? I have to pay someone to watch him take a test at the end of class?
  3. Thanks! I've seen the one with a zillion links, but there are few reviews from members here. I do understand synchronous vs asynchronous, and would be happy with a mix. I've since been led to Bravewriter for some writing classes, and that looks like a good fit. Live interaction in discussion groups, shorter class terms (6 weeks) so we aren't locked in for an entire year. I'd like to hear more about recent Keystone experience, as I don't think they were always part of K12, though I'm not sure.
  4. I'm watching the Omnibus previews and really like what I see...except the theology woven in. Is there anything else like this out there?
  5. I've been combing the forum for online high school class options, and I'm mainly left more confused than when I started! I want something simple and inexpensive. It doesn't have to be crazy rigorous, but I do want my son to attend college. I don't plan on the online courses being his only source of education, we have a great homeschool coop. That said, I can't do it all myself, and I don't want to fight with him. I'd love to get him into something great for science, history, and English. We have TT for math. Keystone looks fine IMO, but I'm not sure how *he* feels about no actual classes. Is there something out there with live classes that won't break the bank? We used WTMA for history this year for 8th grade, but honestly...the amount of writing they require already is nuts. I'm not going to enroll him there and have him struggling to write multiple papers a week. Keystone seems to have bad reviews from, like, one person here on the boards repeating the same stories. Has anyone actually used it? American School looks...easy? IDK. Maybe just boring? I'd like flexibility, but also the option for some live classes. Maybe what we need doesn't exist. Athena's Academy was awesome. Some of the online schools like expensive textbooks put on the screen, lol. I do hate signing away our whole year to a class schedule.
  6. Editor in Chief has been invaluable for practicing actual application of grammar and mechanics. We use the software so it's totally independent.
  7. Thanks. That is short, but at this point, with it being February and needing something to get things going, I think it fits the bill. Honestly, I'm *only* concerned right now bc we have to do yearly testing, and I don't want them to feel like they don't know stuff. Grammar is one of those things that you can skip a year and catch right back up the next, IMO. And at least we could still complete the whole grammar unit before the end of the year, easily, and maybe add mechanics after that if we want. It's too bad she didn't make a practice book for JAG like AG for the kids who do JAG early.
  8. Huh. Why didn't I realize that was only 11 weeks before? Also I was under the impression JAG was a lot of back and forth? Do I need the teacher book if I use the video (thinking I can probably manage to correct grammar, I rarely use the answer keys for anything.) I got AG for my 6th grader, and he was SO not ready. (It was too detail-oriented for his level of concentration...ADHD and stuff.) They could seriously both do JAG and be in good shape. And after having a year with a lot of time off bc we moved, something that would get all this done so succinctly would be perfect.
  9. Easy Grammar is like a million pages long. I did it with DS for a while, but there are just so many pages, I knew we could never finish it unless we did a few each day and did it every day....seemed like overkill to me. I mean, FLL is only 2-3 days a week and fairly in depth.
  10. It has quotes, and instructions in it, and phrases to remember to fill in. If you look at the samples, you will see. You could cross those bits out if you wanted. It's a lot of writing in 4th grade, she might kill me lol. Though I could get the 3rd grade one maybe since it's much lighter in actual handwriting. It might be a good way to work her into the program for future follow through. Hmmmmmmmmm. (She's only 9, and a grade ahead, so it wouldn't be such a bad thing or have her technically "behind.")
  11. Jump right in! :) I forgot about CLE. It's super intensive though!! I'm not sure it will be so easy to start in 4th grade? Hmmmm. I could cross half of it out though, I suppose. It's a great program but it just about broke my children when we tried a unit a couple years ago lol. I suppose it's cheap enough that I could toss a lot of it and not feel too terrible!! I'd be willing to wait with her until AG or something, she's a fast learner, but she will also have a complete panic attack come testing time if she doesn't know "enough." She's a perfectionist.
  12. DD1 needs grammar work, but it can't be babyish, we don't need 5 days a week, and should really be independent. I may have FLL4 somewhere in these moving boxes, but that doesn't fix the problem of it having so. much. handholding. Any ideas? GWG was boring and easy. I know I've asked in the past, but maybe something new has come around.
  13. Ha, mine misses the cutoff by a month but is a precocious little thing. I always wonder if it made the right decision moving her ahead a grade! BA is working well so far, it doesn't make her do a million problems when she understands after a few (though we do still skip some of the redundancy.) And MM got boring and LOF was too wordy for her to figure out the actual math going on. Maybe I will just have her do the remaining topics in TT6 after 4B and see where we go from there!
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