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  1. Thanks to all for responding, and for all your kind words. I'll definitely come back to update his progress, and hopefully read about your children's successes.
  2. Well, I haven't been a regular on this board for a long time, although it was a second home at the time the first Well Trained Mind book was published! My 2nd child graduated from high school in the spring. I have one senior left, but she hasn't homeschooled since her Freshman year. Anyway, I wanted to thank those who have helped me over the years. I also wanted to encourage other homeschoolers of high schoolers with learning disabilities. Here is a link to a thread I started a while back. http://forums.welltrainedmind.com/topic/393347-discouraging-math-sat-score/ I know that every ch
  3. I'd say AAA needed for just about any subject in Oxford. Although, when I was there a couple of decades ago, they also had different ways of getting in without them. My conditional offer was that I obtain two E's at A Level. This also varied from college to college within the university. A professor there told me that although they extend the EE offer, the expectation is that every acceptance will actually get AAA or AAAA. My friend majored in Chinese at Oxford. Her professors told her that quite a few students apply for the more obscure majors, such as Chinese, then suddenly discover thei
  4. So glad we didn't have ucas essays when I was a high school student!
  5. Much of that resonates with my own uni experience, even though outside of Scotland, with much narrower focus. It is *very* self-directed. We chose which lectures to attend - attending none was fine in my subject (English). However, you also have the opportunity to work intimately and deeply with experts in the field. In my case, that meant seeing unpublished excerpts from a a major author that were hugely significant to understanding his work, but unavailable to the public (I could only quote it within university essays). Outside of the lectures, we had small group meetings (Princeton se
  6. Learners4life, Tutor sounds awesome. Really! I never felt like I had the time or the experience to moderate discussions well. I either just took over, or took us to the wrong places. DS really enjoyed the Academy last year, but his class is big this year, so it is harder to have a continuous, spontaneous discussion. I have an older version of Well Trained Mind. They were the ones that suggested doing govt. as part of Great Book readings. It has been so long since I consulted this book, however. Thought I knew it all by heart by this point!
  7. Thanks for all the input. In the end, this is what I have for my 3 social studies credits, based on other things I researched here today: World history 9 US history 11 US Govt. & Economics 12 I will list English I, II, III and IV. The course descriptions will show that I & II are primarily based on composition skills. By III & IV there is more emphasis on literature . I am including World Literature in grade 9 as an elective. In grade 10 & 11 this will switch to "Survey of Western Civilization I & II, Ancient/ Middle Ages- Renaissance," again, as electives. So
  8. Interesting. So I should use my MA (Oxon) without guilt here in the US! I remember the universal groans when we were told in a workshop in UK that to do post-grad work in US we'd need to hit the math books we hadn't touched since age 15! I do think that both options should be available - to specialize or not. I see kids and young adults suffer by being forced to do courses that they are clearly not cut out to succeed in, and put their passions on the back burner in the mean time. By age 16 you either have a good sense of which parts of your brain work better than others. At the same time,
  9. Went there many years ago, but not sure I could help regarding US homeschoolers. During my interview, they were looking for passion and potential in my subject of choice. They couldn't care less what I did in my free time. The neat thing is, that you interview with the actual professors who will be (possibly) teaching you for the next 3 years (typically not 4 unless you do foreign language etc.). They were looking for an individual, not someone who does all the right things, if you know what I mean. Strong academics are taken for granted. I actually started to get up and walk out in the middle
  10. Hi, I've been doing Great Books for a while (with a *big* hiatus between child 1 and child 2). I did a modified year 1&2 by myself with second child, because I wasn't sure he could swing it (major reading problems when younger), but they let him in for their year 3 based on the fact I used their reading lists and study guides. Anyway, not sure if I can help but I am trying to answer your question for myself in a hurry! Need to get a transcript notarized today! Here's a link to a post + post itself I just did. Perhaps this is one possibilty for you? Or you can follow others' suggest
  11. So, I'm sitting here with my son's transcript before me, and wanting to weep (or at least procrastinate a bit more and have just one more cup of coffee! ) ;-) Son has followed/is following a very rigorous "Great Books" reading list (one year with me, for the past two years with Great Books Academy program). Now he's in 12 grade. I want him to achieve at least 3 Social studies credits for the past 4 years. So far, he took "World History" with Spielvogel in 9th and US History (Bob Jones) in 11th. I notice that most colleges he is apply to want at least 3 social studies credits and most states
  12. I came to the site to get some tips on making Ds's transcript fit into expectations, and found this post. Oh boy! As someone who went to Oxford, and was born and bred in UK, I can't tell you how mad the US college system makes me! I gave up the idea of Ivies for my kids long ago, as it just isn't economically viable for my kids. I do feel that they discriminate against the middle class. However, for many of the reasons listed above, not attending an Ivy doesn't really bother me. I totally believe it is the individual who determines their future success, not the institution they attend for
  13. Wondered about this more generally. Not sure the amount of detail I will need to provide to the admissions. DS was tested last spring and received accommodations for College Board (after he took AP and SAT, unfortunately) and at the local high school where he is currently taking two courses. Not sure if he should point out the timing of receiving the accommodations vis a vis taking the exams listed on his transcript? He is re-taking SAT this October with accommodations now in place (time and a half). Also taking 2 AP exams at the end of this, his senior year. DS's academic record looks pr

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