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  1. I would love to know this too. My older son uses an online program and my daughter uses duolingo. They seem to be progressing at the same pace.
  2. Are you getting your academics accessed through NCAA? Unless you do that I heard there's no way to swim at the college level?
  3. I am reviewing at the moment. Well my 9th grader is. He likes it so far. I have spoken to people that have used it before and they said it can take anywhere from 2 months to 6 months depending on the speed of your child. I have bought Life of Fred Chemistry to go with it. I am thinking with both it will work for a credit. We are used to LofF though he's working through Economics at the moment. Plus we are using the language program.
  4. Are you going through the NCAA approval with your transcript? Any advice would be appreciated!
  5. I live in Missouri and wanted some advice/help for planning my 9th grade year for my son...I am completely freaked out! We have been roughly following AO and he is finishing up Year 7. Do I need to move to a more text book approach. We have IEW but we need to pull it out again and started LOF grammar (I have first 2 books) but it seemed too easy. He has done Latin for 2 years using Cambridge Latin. He is doing a mixture of CTC Math and Life of Fred, plus working through Understanding Algebra 1 by Critical Thinking. Any idea or help would be great.
  6. OK this may sound really dense, but what kind of things should I get my kids to notebook? Do they write what they can remember? Draw a picture etc?? My plan is to have a spiral notebook for each subject and then get them to draw on plain paper and then glue it in with the relevant topic. What do you think? Lisa:confused:
  7. :grouphug: Thanks so much for your words!! I actually feel so much better! I have Saxon 3 and Saxon 6/5 for my oldest two They chose on of the Apologia books for science and I have the notebooks to go with it! I have some good History books laying around (both kids LOVE to read) Plus my local library is very small but they are AWESOME at finding me what I want!! I have Simply Grammar (not going to use straight away) They also love doing the comprehensive grade books (we normally do those every summer anyway) that I will actually make them finish this year. Piano Lessons DS 10 is s
  8. Do you come up with your own notebook plans? Lisa
  9. Thanks for that info!! I will check it out :) Lisa
  10. I have 'The Usborne Book of World History' that I am planning to use with my 10 year old and 8 year old. We are new to HS. Has anyone got any experience with this book, or reading lists that would go along with it?? Also how long should I expect them to take with each subject?? Thanks in advance Lisa
  11. This is my first year homeschooling. I have got a copy of 'The Usborne Book of World History by A. Millard. Has anyone used this for History? How did you plan it or supplement it? Does anyone have any book lists to go along with it? I have a 10 year old and a 8 year old - very advanced readers and a 2 year old - along for the ride :) I have Math, Science and Music sorted but I am a little worried about English I have them doing copy work for Handwriting and Memorization work - using scriptures, and I have a Grammar book I want to introduce when we get more settled. But should I b
  12. I once had a terrible pinched nerve - The doctor wanted to give me steroids (I was nursing my now 8yr-old DD) Anyway - Another (younger Doctor) recommended alternating Heat and Ice therapy! After about a week it was great!! Hope this helps Lisa
  13. I am totally confused with the abbreviations on these links? As a newbie I don't understand what they all mean - Please help!!! Lisa:001_huh:
  14. I am starting to home school this year. My kids have been PS up until now (one week left) and are finishing up 4th and 2nd grade (with straight A's) I also have a 2 year old. I am planning on sticking with saxon for maths. I thought I was going to do Apologia for science but after reading The Well trained mind, I like their science approach. Also since my DS is 10 where should I start him --- plan was to do maths and english separate but science/ history/ geography/languages etc together. (my DH is 8) I also have a 2 year old along for the ride! Any ideas would be welcome :) Lisa
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