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  1. Awesome ideas - also I used SOTW and Biblioplan's Curriculum Guide - which included all of their choices for read alouds/ trade books to go along for the literature piece. We really enjoyed them. Also it gave different readers for different ages of kids. Hope this helps in the more suggestion category. :)
  2. Hi- I'm skipping the year four rotation of history for my dss- (7yo and 10 yo) - just not ready to get into all the stuff that happened in the recent past. Thinking about doing either geography or a history biography series such as YWAM Heroes of History and just picking a few to do. Anyone have any suggestions for a great geography curriculum for 7 -10 yo boys that has a Biblical worldview? Would love some hands on activities to do with it. Thanks
  3. I have a rising 4th grader and 1st grader. We completed SOW for year1 and year 2 and then switched to BF for year 3. Any suggestions on what we should do for year 4? Thinking my kids are a bit young to discuss the topics in year 4 yet... don't really wanna go there. Any suggestions would be great. Looking for biblical worldview. Thanks
  4. Hi - I'm looking at a few different curricula for my DS (FLL, R&S, BJU press) - upcoming "3rd" grader. We have finished two years of FLL - looking at R&S or continuing FLL year 3. A friend loaned me the R&S so I have that - but have heard that it is a lot of writing which isn't DS's strong suit. Does anyone have any suggestions or thoughts? Thanks.
  5. thanks for all your suggestions! I'll look in to all of those for August :) gretchen
  6. Hi- We have a whiteboard in its own cabinet. You know the kind that are found in offices (realty, law, etc.). They usually go for about $200 - depending on size - from office stores, but I kept an eye out on Craigslist and got it for $50. It doesn't look like a yucky White board in my dining room. It also has room for chart paper on both sides... could use it for calendar activities.:001_smile:
  7. I'm already considering next year's school year stuff. I was considering starting Latin for my 8 yo son. Anyone have any suggestions for a busy 8yo boy? Would love to hear your thoughts and what has worked well for you! Thanks :confused:
  8. We just got the Children's Illustrated Bible by Selena Hastings. My boys really love the pictures. The illustrations are drawn like people instead of cartoony. They also have pictures of real places and some caption that explain other information regarding the pictures. [/url]check it out here
  9. I had the same question earlier this year. My ds - (5 in October) has been sitting with his older brother (7) as he and I have done school. I plan on having a few more things for my almost 5yo to do this year. However, I don't think he's ready for a K curriculum yet. I say that you know your child best. I would encourage him to do what you feel he can do - but don't push it. It is only Kindergarten. It will be much easier if he doesn't get burned out being made to do school if he isn't ready... but if he is showing interest - go for it! :001_smile:
  10. My DS- age 7 (2nd grade) has been reading since he was about 3 1/2 years old. He reads beautifully, but I want him to know the rules about spelling. Can anyone suggest a good spelling curriculum? Thanks
  11. We used Sonlight for Kindergarten and then this past year we used SOTW with Biblioplan . We used Biblioplan in along with SOTW for a more biblical worldview. It used the Bible for your history along with the corresponding history of the world during that time in SOTW. I got the activity guide for SOTW that does also include more literature to use. The activities were great, and it also included coloring pages that the younger ones could do while I was reading to them. The Biblioplan guide also includes more literature to read for each level - K-2, 3+, 5+, and 8+. I haven't looked at MOH, but have a friend who has enjoyed it. Hope this helps.
  12. Thanks for the insights - I really appreciate it - it always helps hearing what experiences others have had. Of course, I'm not so worried about my 4 yo. He won't even be "officially" starting school yet, but because he is at the table with us so often I want to make sure that I consider him.
  13. Hi - My son had hints of Sensory Processing Disorder - which manifested itself in behaviors complete with tantrums and lashing out. I listened to a conference by Dianne Craft suggested by a friend. Dianne Craft is an educational specialist, but looks heavily into nutritional issues and education. I believe you can download some of her conferences online. We followed what she suggested from listening to the conference, and it worked beautifully for our son. I am also a former Special Education Teacher - so at first I was a bit skeptical - but it sure worked - and it made complete sense. Here is her website if you are interested. Hope it helps. http://www.diannecraft.org/ Gretchen
  14. Thanks Allyson - we'll look into it. My boys have really enjoyed SOTW - and I checked Biblioplan after I posted and didn't see anything regarding lapbooks... they do have coloring books for younger ones though.. sorry.
  15. I just filled up yesterday at the Beach in VA and I paid $3.65 with my Kroger card for regular... because I had a card and used points I got $.20 off a gallon - but around here it's running about $3.85-$3.97
  16. I'm looking for a science curriculum for my 2 DS's ages 7 and 4 for the fall... considering these two... Does anyone have any opinions on either? Thanks
  17. Out of curiosity - where did you find lapbook info for SOTW 1 & 2? We just finished The Ancients are starting 2 in the fall - would be interested in that info. Thanks- You may want to check Biblioplan.net though... they may have them. Gretchen
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