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  1. Hey there, I'm trying to get some ideas here... I am pondering if I should start a co-op in our local area... we have many hybrid schooling options (shared school) and a local area CC... but NO independent co-ops. I think there is room and need for one. Some questions I have... What is covered in your co-op curriculum/subjects? Are there subjects or classes you wish were covered? How often do you meet and for how long (hours)? Do you pay for the service? If so, how much? Where do you meet? (a church, school. community center?) Is it a drop off or parent participated program? And what would you prefer? What is done to manage non-school aged siblings? Have you encountered problems while attending? How could those be avoided? What's the best thing about it in your experience? Are there other things you think I need to know?
  2. When moving into dialectic stage (and even rhetoric) what do you do differently? All ideas welcome... curriculum changes, activities, routines???? You name it...
  3. We have done a bit of English from the Roots Up and have enjoyed it, but I was looking for a latin curriculum for my 6th grader, who's really never done latin before. Ideas on curriculum that is enjoyable and easy to teach?
  4. BTW... I messed up on my math (math is hard... or I pushed a wrong button)... it's $58,800... which is still too much, but not quiet as startling as the $99k I first got! :-D Serves me right for trying to punch numbers and potty train a toddler! :-/
  5. What I like about CC: - the opportunity to do things in groups, discussions, debate, just getting to work out social things - the curriculum seems very straight forward and do-able - the focus on excellence and also how they map out the scope and sequence for credit purposes I know good education costs something, but we will be paying around $6000 for 5 years in a row (when our 4 who are close in age are all in) ... and I don't want to be a tutor. I have littles at home who need me to teach them too. I know poeple need to be paid for their time, but I just can't fathom on our support raising budget hacking that. I am processing what doing a co-op would take... Anyone done this for older kids? If so, what did it look like? Did is cost anything? Who taught/lead? Things like: - Debate - Chess club - Literature club - Shakespearean reads Other ideas, please! I should add that we live in a place where there is not many (non-school) co-op options other than CC or shared schooling.
  6. So, I love the idea of CC's challenge program (love the forum, curriculum and what they do) for my 12 year old. But we are painfully uncomfortable with the cost... especially given that we have 7 children... just punching the numbers makes me nauseous... we are talking like close to $100k by the time we get all of our 7 kids through it. And we don't want to start for one what we can't provide for later ones. That said, does anyone know of any similar type programs or have ideas about planning/forming something similar? I don't want to steal or use CC's model, but just trying to find a way to benefit my children, without putting us in the poor house.
  7. Glad I could help... I was doing the work anyway, why not share? :-)
  8. Here's SOTW #4 compatible list... HERE It was hard to find anything past WW1 due to the texts/books not being public domain yet, but it's a fairly decent list I think. If you have any gems to add let me know! To find SOTW #1-3 compatible audiobook lists look HERE!
  9. I'm planning on reading The Breadwinner, but some say it's a hard/discouraging read... did you see any evidence of this or did your son act disturbed by it?
  10. We're reading By the Great Horned Spoon right now... SO good.
  11. Here's a link to my blog that has listening lists for volumes 1, 2 and 3... I'll post 4 later this summer. SOTW Compatible (FREE) Audio Books
  12. I wanted to leave our book list that we used this year... because I know it takes SO much time to find great books. Sorry, not enough time to put author's names... and MANY of these were hand-me-downs and I used them despite them probably not being my TOP choice... But, I'll mark my favorites with an * American Pioneers and Patriots Pocahontas * Jamestown The Sword of the Samurai * Squanto Pilgrim Stories * The Village that Vanished * If You Lived in Colonial Times Rama and Sita * The Courage of Sarah Noble * Bears on Hemlock Mnt. * Three Musketeers Grimm Fairytales Diary of Sally Wister - Colonial Quaker Girl * Child Life in Colonial Days Peter the Great Diary of an Early American Boy * (SOOOOO good!) Franklin’s Boyhood in Boston Sign of the Beaver * Paul Revere * The Winter at Valley Forge Sam the Minuteman If You Were There When the Constitution was Signed George Washington Captains Courageous Samantha Learns a Lesson Lewis and Clark By Dawn’s Early Light * Huckleberry Finn (youth version) Harriet Tubman The Story of the Alamo Davy Crockett The Great Horn Spoon*
  13. Here is our current list... but I'm struggling to know where to put things. It seems like many of the chapters cover several location/events/topics and are more chronological... is this true? Most of these books I already have, so I'm attempting to fit several of them in... but not having done vol. 4 yet I don't know. A Little Princess Meet Addy If You Grew Up with Abraham Lincoln If You Lived at the Time of the Civil War Anne of Green Gables Little House on the Prairie A Question of Yams (not sure where to put this ... maybe Chapter #11: The Very Far Parts of the World) Under the Hawthrone Tree If You Traveled West in a Covered Wagon Thunder Rolling in the Mountains Lon Po Po The House on Walenska Street (not sure about this, I just have this book and want to fit it in) Day of the Blizzard (not sure about this, I just have this book and want to fit it in) No Mountain too High - Gladys Aylward or Gladys Aylward: The Adventure of a Lifetime Meet Kit Mary on Horseback Number the Stars Snow Treasure The Battle for Iwo Jima Unbroken (youth addition) Hello Maggie! The Year of Miss Agnes The Story of Ruby Bridges The Breadwinner George Washington Carver: The Man who Overcame (not sure about this, I just have this book and want to fit it in) Hero Tales The Apothecary Any other books you just LOVE and fit perfectly with a given chapter that you couldn't do with out???
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