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  1. Very interesting thread! Thank you for sharing your experiences. Looking ahead to the high school years, I know I will have to defer to an independent program for my dd12 who will be in 7th grade in the fall. I lack the skill-set necessary to teach higher level math. Our option at this point is to go with a video/computer based math program. Tutoring can get very expensive. DD is highly auditory in her learning style. It has been a constant struggle trying to explain concepts in a way that she can understand. We took a relaxed/eclectic homeschooling approach this year with dd going through the Khan Academy Pre-Algebra playlist. She was cruising along until she hit a block with the Algebra Playlist and we decided to take a break from Khan and math altogether to regroup. After researching other math curricula, we settled on LoF because of it's language based approach. Currently, she has 12 lessons left to go in LoF Fractions (she needed the extra practice). LoF has been working fine but I don't feel confident being dd's main math teacher (yes, LoF is supposed to be done independently but we do have to stop and discuss). I've been poring over the TT website today and ignoring the claims lacking rigor, I really like what I see. I need a program dd will be able to do independently while gaining confidence in her math skills. She tolerates math because it is expected. She wouldn't give a flying pig if she never had to do a single problem again! Funny thing is, I was just like her!! Only now in my adulthood am I even able to consider opening myself up to relearning math. She is such a dear.....sweet, patient, and kind kid. She is accelerated in the Language Arts department, will read for hours and hours, loves costumes and the theatre (both as a performer and a spectator) but math is NOT her strong suit. Maybe TT will help her get it done without too much struggle or frustration. Well, anyway, long story short.....after looking both at TT7 and Pre-Algebra, I settled on and ordered TT7. The plan is for dd to work on it the rest of the summer, accelerating it as others have mentioned by giving the quizzes until they become a challenge, then moving onto TT Pre-Algebra and doing math year round. Hope this helps us.
  2. Reviving this thread for those of us who've been feeling like letting go of the reigns a bit. :)
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