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  1. This is VERY similar to how I have my 3" binder set up. Some differences are: I keep 9 weeks worth of lessons (MM/WWE/STOW) instead of three. I also have all required answer keys in my planner too. I love having what I need in one place! My girls' weekly checklist/chart is listed by day the day of the week across the top and subjects down the bottom specifying what and when each subject gets done. This has been a lifesaver for a newbie like me.
  2. :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl: This is me!!!!!! The only difference being that since my little aren't so little anymore, I actually do get a full night's sleep!!!!!!
  3. Wholeheartedly, :iagree: , especially with what's in bold. FWIW, this is our first year homeschooling, but I am using MCT Island and plan to continue through all the levels with a dd10 and a dd7 who likes to tag along. MCT is rigorous albeit very entertaining and we are all learning a ton without even realizing it (bonus). I for one am happy to put LA to rest, knowing that we are using an effective and comprehensive curriculum. I listen to SWB's audio lectures all the time, but I concentrate mostly on her writing recommendations. I'm intrigued by SWB's writing across the curriculum m
  4. Yeah, I also lean towards using STOW with HO. Since this is the first time we're running though STOW, and dd really, really, really LOVES it (heck, I love it!), I want to incorporate it into our history studies. Good to know! I'm seriously leaning towards using HO next semester and will look for this. I like that HO is already done for me and I don't have to think about how to schedule it. With this being our first year homeschooling, with two students to teach, and while I'm enthralled with doing history the WTM way, I also find it somewhat overwhelming and the
  5. Yes, it's definitely one of the reasons why I'm considering it. I think I read somewhere that you were using it? If so, how is it working for you? Regena-Writing at your house sound great! In my reading and research on these boards, I see there is no one way fits all mold in which to incorporate writing or any subject for that matter. Currently we on holiday break (while I finalize our plans for the new year), but the dc are working on an Ancient Egypt lapbook. I have already seen the benefit of incorporating writing into this learning tool. Yes, I agree, it's a great way to h
  6. Thank you for your input! By the time I got up this morning, I had already made some mental notes on how to change the proposed schedule a bit. You're right, dd would find it pointless to write about the same topic all week. Instead I'll only have her listen/read STOW, sans narration (I'll leave that to dd7) and have her do WTM prescribed history for the rest. That may prove more palatable. As I mentioned, I fear anarchy if I try to take STOW completely away from her. I still have some thinking to do. I just may throw in the towel and order History Odyssey Ancients 2 for this chil
  7. I'm hoping to hear of what you more experienced educators think of our logic stage history plans beginning in January: Monday- Read/Listen to STOW-1 chapter (this is our first run through history and dd10 LOVES STOW - she'll rebel if I take it away ) Prepare ½ page written narration/summary Map work: STOW or Map Trek map activity, find location on globe/atlas/wall map Wednesday- Read 2 page spread from Usborne/Kingfisher Encyclopedia (leaning towards red Kingfisher or white Kingfisher once it arrives (just ordered it as I keep reading it's better to ou
  8. Mandy-Thanks a million for posting this MCT schedule!!!! As a first time homeschooler still trying to figure my way out, it has been invaluable in helping to find our MCT rhythm. Although I have tweaked the schedule a bit for our personal needs, the sequence you provided was a great place to start! In general, you are all rock stars in my opinion!! I have gleaned more information than I could fathom from all your ideas and experiences. I am truly grateful.
  9. I just ordered this series for my dd10 who just left ps in October. Even though Logic Countdown is for grades 3-4, this is what Rainbow Resources has to say: "The final book builds on the foundation of the first two books, and adds logic diagrams and logical fallacies. You should really start your student(s) at the beginning of this series to get the most benefit from it, but they can progress through it as able." Since my dd has had almost no logic, save a few pages of BTS, I plan to have her begin with Countdown and proceed from there. FWIW, although I do have BTS and like it
  10. Reviving an old thread because I have the exact same same question. Can anyone offer advice?? TIA
  11. Thank you! Thank you! I am oh so grateful for this wonderful resource!
  12. OP, your question couldn't have a come at a better time. I was just wondering the same thing myself. Since this is our first year homeschoooling, the transition from ps to hs has been slow and steady. So far, science has been put on the back burner. I am not what one would call sciency so if I can find an inexpensive resource that will act as a general spine, I'm all for it. As it happens, our local ps district will lend homeschoolers their curriculum materials for use in the home, as we deem fit. My dh was all over this, but I was skeptical. We picked up the materials anyway, and curre
  13. This is exactly what happens in my house too. Both my dd10 & dd7 enjoy the independence of MM. DD7 especially dislikes being "taught" math. She insists on doing the work on her own and asking for help when she feels it is needed. I insist that she keep her RS abacus handy in case she gets stuck. We do, very briefly, go over a new lesson together to make sure there is understanding, but other than that she's pretty independent. So far this is working for us and she is progressing very nicely. With dd10, OTOH, I've come to the realization that her work must be checked immediately as w
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